Calculate the business case for your asset based recurring business

Planning start or scale your Rental/Lease or Product-as-a-Service business? It's time to run the numbers. With this calculator spreadsheet you can easily run the numbers and get a grip on your plans to start or grow!
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Calculate your business case

With just a few key inputs about your business, you can calculate your full business case in one go. Discover your bottlenecks and risks easily!

Quick insights in break-even

Calculate your break-even point effectively with the inputs your provide. Prototype scenarios easily to see which targets you need to hit.

Assess Asset Lifetime Value

The upside of any rental and Product-as-a-Service business is calculating the Asset Lifetime Value, can you make more with less products?

Spark your internal discussion

Many companies before you have used our calculator for internal conversation starters and discussions on launching a rental & lease business.
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