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The rise of recyclable and reusable packaging in online shopping

Merchants are building towards a more sustainable future by onboarding recyclable and reusable packaging systems for online shopping. This trend is keeping pace with environmental regulations and consumer preferences, simultaneously establishing the foundations for long-term growth.

Team building in the French countryside: Takeaways from our May 2024 retreat

As a remote-first startup, getting offline and meeting in real life is essential to our success. That’s why, twice a year, we get together in a new location to co-work, share meals, participate in activities, and most importantly, make memories. 

Recurring commerce is building towards tomorrow’s circular economy

In recurring commerce, more resources aren’t extracted, only to create islands of plastic debris in the ocean. Instead, waste and pollution are eliminated, the lifetime value of existing products and materials are extended, and nature is regenerated.

3 Strategies to Market and Position a Subscription-Based Business

Businesses are facing the question of whether to offer a membership or a subscription model. There are many advantages to both, and companies need to consider their business model and industry when deciding which would work best for them.

New at Firmhouse: product based contract terms, improved finance operations, and service channels

We are releasing two new features and updates to streamline your business operations. These features are rolling out to all customers and are available for all projects at Firmhouse today.

How COVID-19 affects Product Subscriptions

At Firmhouse we've noticed that recent quarantine and the global pandemic shifted the context for new and circular business models quite a lot. Here are our thoughts on the opportunity that COVID-19 brings to speed up adoption for (Product) Subscriptions and Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) business models.

Product-as-a-Service & subscription ideas to get you going!

Getting started with subscriptions just takes a bit of creativity. It’s all about finding the right balance between convenience and providing additional value to your customers. Just shipping a product on a monthly basis is not gonna cut it. In this blog, we'll provide some inspiration!

Debt Collection - Growling or Biting? [part 3/3]

This is the third and final blog of our risk-debtor management series, this part will delve deeper into the debt-collection process and the best practices in the (PaaS-)industry. As a PaaS-company do you growl or do you bite when a customer is non paying?

New Firmhouse Checkout & In-store Signup

We are super excited to let you know that we have updated our check-out experience! We also enabled this check-out to be able to be configured for an in-store signup experience. The latter enables a full retail experience and allows e-commerce businesses to also be able to provide an omnichannel approach.

Debtor Management - Striking the right balance between considerate and stringent [part 2/3]

This is the second blog of a three-part series on risk-debtor management. In this blog, we explain how companies should be -somewhat- lenient towards non-paying customers but also stringent when they have to.

The crucial aspect of any Product-as-a-Service company

This is the first of three blog series on risk and debtor management. Risk & Debtor management are some of the most important processes that a PaaS-company should perform.This blog focuses on Acceptance Checks; the acceptance and rejections of potential clients to achieve a solid customer base.

Firmhouse Protect: pre-credit management for rental & lease in e-commerce businesses

Let's dive in and take an early look at Firmhouse Protect, our new product for pre-credit management for rental & lease businesses in e-commerce.

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