Protect your subscription business from fraudulent customers

Protect your business by detecting and blocking fraudulent customers. With automated background checks, risk scoring, and online identification, you can scale your recurring commerce business with confidence.
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Stop fraud

Fraud protection without checkout friction.

Prioritize fraud protection while minimizing friction in the checkout process. Our platform is equipped with robust security measures and fraud detection mechanisms to safeguard your transactions.

Risk scoring

Perform automated acceptance checks, including risk scoring, during checkout and decline customers before they can fully sign-up.

Hassle-free identification

Keep conversion high by performing identification steps after checkout and first payment. With our two-step sign-up process, no products are delivered until all identification steps and background checks are completed.
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Use data

Combine multiple fraud prevention metrics.

Firmhouse combines multiple fraud prevention metrics to provide enhanced security in the checkout process.

Automate approvals.

Set up multiple automated and custom checks for new sign-ups. Approve customers after checking all the outcomes and continue with the delivery of your products.

Screen sign-ups.

Prevent double sign-ups or new attempts from declined customers with duplication checks in your checkout.

Run multiple acceptance checks simultaneously.

Implement various acceptance checks, such as address verification, payment method verification, identity verification, and more.

Set up your own acceptance checks with Firmhouse.

Whether it's validating certain criteria, performing background checks, or implementing additional security measures, you can customize acceptance checks to suit your unique risk management processes.

Automate decline of checkout during the sign-up process.

By leveraging intelligent algorithms and real-time monitoring, you can proactively detect suspicious activities and prevent unauthorized sign-ups.

Use eID methods for identification.

Our platform integrates with trusted eID (electronic identification) providers, allowing users to authenticate their identity using methods such as government-issued digital IDs or other secure eID solutions.

Check driver's licenses and passports.

Leverage advanced document scanning and verification technology to ensure that the uploaded documents are genuine and match the user's identity.

Perform person of interest checks.

Integrate with specialized third-party services that can conduct background checks, identify individuals with potential criminal records, or flag those who may be considered persons of interest.

What others asked about fraud protection.

Frequently asked questions about fraud prevention methods on the Firmhouse platform.
Does Firmhouse Protect offer a 100% guarantee against online fraud?
No online platform can provide a 100% fraud-proof setup. We work with partners and market leaders in this field to ensure we employ the latest options and technology to protect your business. It’s not possible to avoid fraud completely but together we'll make the life of a fraudster difficult.
Which background check methods do you provide?
Currently, we offer Focum background checks and are expanding with other providers to cover all geographical areas within Europe. Our logic can be connected and used via APIs to capture risk scoring from other third-party services.
Which online identification methods do you provide?
Through our partner, Signicat, we offer support for all primary eIDs that are available within Europe and the Nordics. These methods provide a low-friction way for customers to provide their data.
In which countries are you active with fraud prevention?
We cover almost all countries through the use of online identification to confirm documents like driver's licenses and passports.
Do you offer document checks (driver's licenses, passports, etc.)?
We provide integrations with document check providers via specific partners.
Do you offer any methods to check if customers are on PEP lists?
Through integrations with certain service partners, we can check if someone is on a PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) list and other official registers to prevent you from doing business with high-risk individuals.

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