Joshua Jansen


Joshua is one of our developers. He is passionate about kickstarting and shipping new products, and he’s been doing that for over a decade. In early 2015, he joined Firmhouse to help get products in the hand of customers with a pragmatic mindset and an optimistic attitude.

Mariel Venhuizen

Operation Manager

Mariel is our chief getting shit done officer. Using her background in psychology, leadership development, and nonprofit management she spends her time focused on fostering social capital.

Yann Schaub


Yann helps us create well thought-out interfaces that put the user in control. Yann is all about personal growth: He likes to put himself in situations where he’s forced to learn and believes that the best parts of life happen outside one’s comfort zone.

Bob Jansen

Founder & CEO

Bob is founder and CEO of Firmhouse. He is responsible for Marketing, Customer Success and Culture. His goal with Firmhouse is to build a company that ends ownership as we know it today, and make companies responsible for their actions through recurring relationships with their customers.

Bram Bokdam


Bram is our developer. He is passionate about development and hacking on an occasional side project. At Firmhouse, he likes to support clients with their projects and help develop the Firmhouse platform.

Mitchel Jager

Front-end developer

Mitchel is our Front-end Developer. He transforms designs in to a functional interface that works well across different internet browsers and devices. He likes to stay on top of new features to make the most out of your internet browsing experience.

Robbert van Geldrop

Partner & CFO

Robbert runs all efforts for finances & legal matters. Before joining Firmhouse, Robbert was running (since 2004) his own software company BackupAgent, which was acquired by Acronis in 2014. In the course of growing his company, Robbert also founded the first Lean Startup Circle meetup group in continental Europe.

Michiel Sikkes

Founder & CTO

Michiel is the the co-founder and CTO of Firmhouse. He is a jack of all trades and helps everyone in the team coördinate work for client projects and the development of our own products.

Paul Bakker

Partner & advisor

Paul is one of our advisors and investors. He helps us make better decisions, expand our horizon, and provides us with valuable insights. Previously a successful in-house entrepreneur within high-tech security company Fox-IT, Paul then founded Offspark, which got acquired by ARM in 2015.