Together, we shift commerce for good.

Meet the team that is changing how we consume products. We're a team of skilled makers & do-ers, working together for more than 6+ years.

Meet the team building shifting commerce for good.

We are building the future of commerce. A platform for world with better and more mindful consumption, with ultimately the goal to make sure there is a planet to live on, and a healthy economy for everyone to participate in.
Bram Bokdam
Marieke Brinks
Sales & Partnerships
Jeroen Roosenboom
Customer Success Engineer
Laura v/d Kolk
Operations Lead
Denisa Ștefana Elgendy
Implementation Lead
Deidre Olsen
Senior Content Marketeer
Joshua Jansen
Bob Jansen
Founder & CEO
Pim Baljon
Demand Generation & Sales
Michiel Sikkes
Founder & CTO