The software platform for
‘as-a-service’ businesses.

Firmhouse builds the platform to test the viability of subscription propositions, and scale them when successful.

Building the foundation for a sustainable world.

The world is running on finite resources. Mankind consumes too much of them, without thinking of the long-term consequences. The majority of our economy is focused on transactional relationships. We buy and sell, ownership changes hand. This has to change. We are building the platform that allows companies to implement this.

Move past ownership

The biggest shift needs to happen in our perception of ownership. Especially as consumers, we are hesitant to not own the most important products in our lives. Owning means control. You decide what happens with the product. But owning comes with risk and responsibility too. For example the responsibility to recycling or reselling a product when you don't need it anymore. It's this stage of the lifecycle that is most crucial to change.

Direct to customer

Supply chain & retail channels add a lot of overhead in the process of getting goods in the hands of customers. It also makes it hard for companies to be in direct contact with their customers.

We believe companies can only provide great experiences, through direct customer relationships.

Responsible companies

Moving from a transactional to a recurring business model will force companies to act responsibly. The biggest shifts that will happen:
Products get multiple owners, companies that make products that last long will benefit the most
In a recurring business model the customers vote with their wallet. They can walk at any given time, requiring companies to do the right things

Meet the team

We are a skilled team of makers.
Mariel Venhuizen
Operation Manager
Bram Bokdam
Yann Schaub
Michiel Sikkes
Founder & CTO
Sierra Swaisland
Graduate Intern
Robbert van Geldrop
Partner & CFO
Jeroen Roosenboom
Customer Success Engineer
Bob Jansen
Founder & CEO
Mitchel Jager
Front-end developer
Joshua Jansen
Stacey Hass
Finance Manager
Paul Bakker
Partner & advisor

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