Put your customers in control of their subscriptions with self-service subscription management

Your customers demand to be in control of everything that happens in their subscription. With our self-service center, you provide your customers the flexibility to manage their orders and important details.
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Put customer relationships at the heart of your business.

Enhance the subscription experience with Firmhouse's versatile platform. Let customers manage subscriptions, explore touchpoints, and make changes effortlessly, all within a protected login environment.

Deliver instant answers.

One place for your customers to see their subscription details and order status.

Simplify subscriptions.

Give customers everything they need to order new products and change upcoming orders.
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Full control

Give your customer full control.

Bring all customer relationship touch points together in a self-service center where customers can upgrade, downgrade, cancel, or modify their subscription with ease.

Change and swap

Make it easy for customers to manage their active subscriptions, change next shipment dates, and swap or exchange rental products.

Driver's seat

Put your customers in the driver's seat for their charges and invoices. Reduce support tickets by letting customers directly change billing information and update payment methods.

Update subscription details.

Make it easy for customers to update their subscription details without your assistance.

Adjust order frequency.

Allow customers to decide on shipping intervals, to postpone deliveries, and to ship extra orders. 

Manage product returns.

Provide simple processes for customers to request and ship returns.

Change payment methods.

Let customers update payment information directly in their account.

Pay invoices online.

Give customers a personalized environment to manage and pay their invoices.

Access customer services.

Integrate additional customer service functionalities into Firmhouse using our GraphQL API.

What others asked about the self-service center.

Frequently asked questions about self-service subscription management.
Can my customers manage their subscription products?
Yes. With our self-service center, your customers can manage all of their subscription details by themselves.
What payment method options do customers have?
We offer support for multiple payment methods. To find out more about the specific payment options we provide, please refer to our payment methods overview.
What happens if the customer has open invoices on their subscription?
Customers will receive a new invoice with a payment link where they can pay the open invoice or choose a different payment method.
Can customers easily cancel their subscription?
When a customer is in the locked period of their subscription commitment, they are not able to cancel their commitment on their own.
Can customers manage multiple subscriptions from the same account?  
Customers with any combination of rental and consumable subscriptions can effortlessly manage all their product commitments within one My Account environment. 

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