Automate debt collection for your subscription business.

Track outstanding and overdue payments in one single place. Design your own payment dunning process to remind customers. Automatically handover cases of non-paying customers to a debt collection agency.
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Preventative checks

Multiple acceptance checks.

Firmhouse helps you with risk identification, fraud prevention and debtor default mitigation.

Third-party credit checks

Perform checks on credit, addresses, iDIN information, social media, blacklists, and more via integrations with Firmhouse’s service partners.

Acceptance & rejection

Automatically accept and activate customers that meet your criteria and reject those who don’t.
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Automated risk & debtor management.

Optimize your risk and debtor management processes with automated solutions. Save time and resources while maximizing efficiency and reducing manual interventions.

Payment mandates

Capture payment mandates from customers that authorize you to directly debit the agreed upon, recurring payment from their bank account.

Debtor management

Automate payment retries, friendly dunning, warning notifications, documentation, and reminders via SMS, WhatsApp, or email.

What others asked about debt collection.

Frequently asked questions about support for debt collection in the Firmhouse platform.
How does Firmhouse handle non-paying customers?
The first step, before any collection should take place, is setting up a correct workflow for sending reminders to your customers. In Firmhouse, you set the right payment terms for your invoices and share reminders from our platform to customers when invoices are overdue. When needed, these reminders provide a paper trail that can be used to start a collection case.
How does your collection case integration work?
We have partnered with Intrum for debt collection and provide an integration with their services. If you choose to contract Intrum for your debt collection, you can easily hand over a collection case for a non-paying customer and Intrum will initiate the agreed on collection process.
Who are you partnered with for collections, and why?
We have partnered with Intrum as they are one of the market leaders in debt collection, and we believe that they do it ‘the right way’. Together with non-paying customers they can set up the right agreements to pay debts, uniting both sides of the table. Intrum also covers many markets. See full coverage.
Will you help set up my legal terms & conditions correctly?
We provide a legal framework as part of our module on setting up Intrum with the Firmhouse platform. This framework helps to ensure that Intrum is authorized to take the correct steps for debt collection of your non-paying accounts.
What is the pricing for collection cases?
Up on request we can provide the overview of debt collection pricing.
Can customize debtor management intervals?
Certainly! With Firmhouse, you have the flexibility to customize debtor management intervals according to your specific needs. Our platform allows you to define and adjust the intervals at which debtor management activities, such as reminders and follow-ups, are triggered.

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