Manage your
rental & lease business

Start and operate your rental business with Firmhouse. It's never been easier to launch your products on a rental basis. Start accepting your first sign-up in hours, run monthly billing and track your assets.
Rental & lease business
Subscription CRM
Built-in CRM

All your customer information in one place. Instantly see what customers require your attention.

Recurring payments & billing
Recurring Payments & Billing

Built-in recurring billing and payment processing. Design custom plans and price points for your rental offerings.

Fraud prevention
Fraud Prevention

Protect your business from fraud & theft with automated background checks to spot fraudulent customers during sign-up.

Everything you need to operate your rental business.

Make your life easy with unique features for rental & lease operations.

A CRM optimised for rental businesses and Product Subscriptions.

Keep track of all your customers and the products they are currently renting. Our CRM is designed to provide you with all the details needed to manage your rental business.

Track payments, deliveries, owned assets, invoices and all notifications send to your customers. Easily process changes to their subscription, products and personalia.

Rental and products subscriptions CRM

Manage and track your  assets and their rental history in one place.

Assets are the foundation of your rental business. You want to know where your assets are, and record relevant information about the asset lifecycle.

Tracking your assets with Firmhouse is easy. Add your unique assets, assign them to your customers. With custom fields you tailor the information you register per asset. 

Manage fraud with automated customer acceptance checks

Keep fraud cases to a minimum with customer acceptance checks. Using the Firmhouse platform you can request risk scores from external data providers. With risk scores you can determine if what customers you accept to rent your products to.

Ready to start with recurring commerce & product subscriptions?

Firmhouse is the foundation for your subscription & recurring commerce business.
Calculate your business case

Wondering what the ROI of your product subscriptions or rental business can be? Request the business case calculator to learn about the unit economics.

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Server network
Explore developer documentation

Looking to integrate with your existing systems and platforms? Check our Developer documentation to learn about integration options via our API.

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