Keep your customers informed with the right updates, at the right time.

Built great customer relationships with automated smart notifications. We make it hard to have unhappy customers. Announce orders and payments in advance and provide customers with self-service options to manage orders.
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People don't subscribe to surprises.

Keep your customers informed at all times about their upcoming orders and payments. Announce new shipments in time, and enable customers to make changes.

Order announcements

Automatically announce upcoming recurring orders to your customers. Give full control to your customers to accept, postpone, or change their order as they wish.

Fulfillment updates

Keep your customers in the loop about the fulfillment of their orders. Automatically share tracking codes with your customers.
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Transparency about all charges.

Recurring payments are at the heart of subscriptions and recurring commerce models. Clear and transparent communication is key to high customer satisfaction and happiness. With smart payment notifications, customers are always aware and in control of payments.

Smart payment notifications

Enable your customers to easily resolve payment issues. With Smart Notifications they can pay open invoices or change their payment method by clicking a button in the emails they receive.

Automated revenue operations

Smart Notifications help to automate your revenue and finance operations. Customers can receive overviews of open invoices, review open amounts, and pay invoices via the online payment flow.

Cover the entire subscription lifecycle.

Firmhouse automatically triggers the right notifications during the customer lifecycle for all supported subscription business models on our platform. Easily personalize emails with customer information and provide all the links they need to manage their subscription.

A branded customer experience.

All notifications can be fully branded and customized. Design your own emails and add them in our email editor. Emails can be sent from your own domain for an optimal customer experience. Want to customize further? Connect with Klaviyo to control all workflows as well.

What others asked about Smart Notifications.

Frequently asked questions about Smart Notifications on the Firmhouse platform.
Do you provide a visual email editor?
Currently, we don't provide a visual email editor. We do provide an HTML email editor. You can use any tool you prefer to design emails and simply export the HTML code to the Firmhouse platform for further use.
Can I send test emails from your platform?
Yes, you can easily send yourself test emails to ensure that everything is set up correctly across the entire customer journey.
Do you provide templates and best practices?
We provide sample content and templates per email. You can easily use these emails for your live project and iterate on the designs we provide.
Can we set up our own domain?
Our team can support you in setting up a custom domain so your emails are delivered through your own domain. We will provide you with the right instructions to do this.
Do you support external email platforms?
We currently have an advanced integration with the Klaviyo marketing automation platform. With Klaviyo, you’ll have full control of all workflows and custom emails that you send out.
Do you support text or WhatsApp messages?
Natively, we don't support sending text messages to your customers. With Klaviyo, in specific regions, we now support the use of text messages to inform your customers about their subscriptions.

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