Don't start & run your startup in a spreadsheet.

You don't have to create your own platform to start your Recurring Commerce business. Spend your time and money on validating your idea and growing it, not figuring out how to operate and connect different systems to run your business.
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Start without tech knowledge.

If you can add a button to your website, you can start using Firmhouse. Our cart and check-out are designed to work standalone, without depending on any other platform.

Just add a button.

Pick your launch strategy. Simply add our check-out button to your website, or integrate our Storefront SDK to have a full e-commerce experience on any page.

Accept your first customers.

Welcome your first customers without hassle. You focus on a great customer experience, we take care of the rest. All your billing, logistics and CRM needs are covered.

Designed with flexibility in mind.

Turn your wildest ideas into a reality without limitations. As you experiment with your proposition, you quickly launch experiments—no need for complex systems changes to test your ideas.

Iterate on your ideas.

Rapidly run experiments. Try new price-points, contract terms, bundles, and products. Find out what works for your business.

Scale what works.

There are no limitations to scaling with the Firmhouse platform. Scale your business to other cities, countries, and channels.
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Everything you need to turn your idea into a growing business.

Find a partner to scale, or work directly with the Firmhouse team to scale up your business.

Find a partner.

We help you find the right partner to make the next step in your online & customer experience. From our partner network we help you find the right agency for your budget.

Work with Firmhouse.

Access the right experts on the Firmhouse team directly via our Professional Services. We work directly with you and your team, or if needed with your own partner.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most common questions about our Startup offering.
Do I need a technical co-founder or CTO get started with Firmhouse?
Firmhouse is designed to work standalone, and no complex integrations are required. If you can create a URL or button on your website, you can use our platform. We are happy to lend an extra hand to our startup clients if you have technical challenges but lack the knowledge to solve them.

How does your system integrate with my e-commerce platform or website?
Our Storefront SDK can be used on any website to create a hosted Cart, that directly links to our hosted checkout. For Shopify this Storefront SDK is easy to install. We have a native Shopware integration coming, enabling you to use the Cart & Shopware check-out to sell subscription and rental products.
Do I need a Payment Service Provide account to get started?
Yes, online and recurring payments are processed through a Payment Service Provider. We support Mollie, Adyen and Stripe out of the box. We only use their payment logic. Additional rates from the Payment Service Provider apply, depending on the payment methods you are looking to offer.
Do your provide additional advice to startups?
We are always happy to share a few best practices to be successful with your proposition. We don't provide commercial consultancy on refining your proposition and business model.
Are there special Startup rates that can be applied to your rates?
For selected startups, specifically in the field of circularity and sustainability, we provide discounts on our annual plans to make it possible to launch without a big up-front investment.