Smooth rental operations for your business with advanced Asset Tracking & Management

Keeping track of the assets in your rental business is one the building blocks of success. With Firmhouse you easily assign and track your rental assets over the their lifetime. All movements between customers clear in one place.
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Reverse logistics reinvented.

Register and track the asset information important to your business models. From traditional rentals to unique Product-as-a-Service strategies. Assets are the lifeblood of your business, and keeping track of the right information is crucial.

Status & assignment

Keep track of which assets are currently being used by which customers. Indicate when assets become available and assign them to new customers.

Custom fields & photos

Assign unique product IDs, reference photos, and custom fields to track the specific attributes and data points relevant to your business.
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From linear to circular.

Advanced features designed to support circular business models. Effortlessly create new assets from products, assign rental assets to customers, and ensure error-free returns for complete ownership transparency.

Level up rentals.

Increase rental profits with efficient management of the entire asset lifecycle.

Increase circularity.

Unified tracking of asset usage, condition, and maintenance history helps extend the reusability and lifetime value of your products.

What others asked about asset tracking.

Frequently asked questions about management of rental assets in the Firmhouse platform.  
How are assets different in your platform from products?
While products represent the physical or digital goods available for rent or purchase, assets are specific instances of those products. Each asset is uniquely identified and tracked within our system, allowing for granular management and monitoring.
What asset information can we register in Firmhouse?
Key details you can capture include unique identifiers such as serial numbers or barcodes, photos for visual reference, and custom fields to record specific attributes or data points relevant to your business. Additionally, you can track maintenance history, rental history, location, condition, and any other pertinent information necessary for effective asset management.
What analytics do you provide for your assets in your platform?
You can track each asset's history, including its rental activity per customer, allowing you to monitor which customers have rented specific assets and for how long. This data enables you to analyze asset utilization, identify popular items, and make informed decisions about inventory management and customer preferences.
Can we do our accounting logic for assets within Firmhouse?
Our platform offers features and functionality that facilitate asset-related accounting tasks. You can track financial information such as asset value, depreciation, and revenue generated from rentals.
Can I manage multiple assets under one customer?
Easily manage multiple assets under a single customer account. This functionality allows you to keep track of all the assets rented or owned by a particular customer in a centralized and organized manner.
Can I reuse assets for other customers?
Once an asset is returned by one customer, you can easily assign it to another customer for rental or use. This reusability helps optimize asset usage, lengthen a product’s lifecycle, and increase the return on investment. 

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