Introducing paid trials for your physical products

Some customers need a little more convincing before buying a product. With the Try & Buy model, you make it possible for your customers to try your product before making the full purchase.
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Niche products

Great for targeted or high-value durable goods for consumers

Cater to specific customer needs and enhance satisfaction with tailored, high-quality products built to last.

Lower the barrier for high-value purchases

Reduce entry barriers for premium purchases, enabling customers to confidently invest in your top-tier products.

Let customers experience your product first

Allow customers to explore your specialized products firsthand, encouraging informed decisions and fostering trust.
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Try before you buy

Software trials, but then for physical products

Embrace the software trial approach for tangible goods, giving customers a hands-on experience before they commit to a purchase.

Offer long-term paid trials for your physical products

Provide customers the opportunity to experience your physical products over a longer period, ensuring confidence in their purchasing decisions.

Monitor customer happiness and onboarding during your trial

Keep a close eye on customer happiness and onboarding progress during trials, optimizing their experience and build long-term relationships.

Automated buy-out offers

Simplify the purchase process with automated buy-out offers, catering to customer preferences and ensuring a seamless experience.

Product returns are fully automated

Effortlessly manage product returns with fully automated processes, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing operational workload.

Automated background checks

Streamline identity verification with automated processes, ensuring security and trust in every transaction.

Flexible billing intervals

Adapt to diverse customer needs with flexible billing schedules and commitments, enhancing satisfaction and retention.

Real customer commitments

Build lasting relationships with authentic, personalized commitments tailored to individual needs and preferences.

Secure identification

Ensure secure and reliable identity verification, enhancing trust and confidence in every transaction.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Try & Buy.
How does Try & Buy work exactly?
Rather than making a purchase outright, customers first subscribe to use the product. After a certain number of months of paid subscription, customers are offered the opportunity to make a purchase. If the offer is accepted, the subscription is terminated immediately. Lowering the cost of trying a product can increase your conversion rates.
Does your rental & lease logic blend with Try & Buy logic?
Yes! With our logic for commitments, advanced logistics, bundling and billing we make it possible to have specific
Is your Try & Buy logic fully automated?
Our platform calculates a buy-out offer calculated based on a formula provided by you. Based on the amount of months paid, and the formula, customers can accept an automated buy-out offer at any time to purchase the product.
How does accepting the purchase offer for a Try & Buy offer work?
Customers can log into their ‘My account’ section on our platform and review the active purchase offer for their product. By clicking the link they will enter the purchasing flow, which includes making the payment via your payment service provide. Afterwards your customers’ subscription will be automatically cancelled and the customer will no longer be billed.
How can customers cancel their Try & Buy product?
Based on the settings in your project, customers might have a minimum commitment active. This commitment determines when the customers can cancel (i.e. after three months). When no commitment is active anymore, customers can cancel their Try & Buy exactly the same as they would in a Rental & Lease set up within the Firmhouse platform.