Logistics designed for tomorrow’s e-commerce

Operate any commerce model on one platform. From e-bikes rentals to recurring coffee bean deliveries, our flexible shipping logic enables you to offer your products on any shipping schedule.
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Ship products to your customers on any schedule.

Find all your members, subscribers, and renters in one place. Our platform is optimized for a recurring world. Make any recurring relationship with your customer possible.


The most flexible logic to create any shipping schedule for your products.

Combine and trigger

Combine all product types, from consumables to rental products, into one plan. Trigger shipments for recurring products at the right time.

Logistics designed with rental products in mind.

Firmhouse is equipped with logistics specifically tailored for rental products. Our platform is designed with a deep understanding of the unique challenges and intricacies involved in managing rental-based businesses.

Billing logic

Rental-ready product billing logic. With two-step cancellation logic, only stop billing after the returns process is fully complete.

Product returns

Process partial or full product returns for products on a customer's subscription. Billing automatically adapts to bill only for the products your customer keeps.
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Flexible shipping

Firmhouse provides flexible shipping options to meet your unique needs.

Advanced logistics

From inventory management and order fulfillment to shipping and delivery tracking, our advanced logistics capabilities ensure smooth and reliable operations for your business.

Full and partial product returns

Offer convenient return options for rentals and subscriptions. 

Ship via your existing platforms

Easily integrate your existing e-commerce, fulfillment, and logistics platforms with Firmhouse. 

Product swapping

Allow hassle-free product changes in customers’ rental and subscription orders.

Two-step cancellation

Offer a straightforward two-step cancellation process that requires a completed product return to stop billing. 

What others asked about Logistics.

Frequently asked questions about the logistics logic on the Firmhouse platform.
When can subscriptions be canceled?
A subscription should only be canceled when the product is returned in good condition. Firmhouse provides the two-step cancellation logic to make that happen.
Can Firmhouse integrate with my logistics partners?
Yes. Firmhouse offers solutions to easily integrate with your existing platforms. Our support team can guide you through the integration process.
What shipping options does Firmhouse provide?
You can create any shipping schedule with Firmhouse. We provide extensive documentation on how to set up billing and shipping intervals.
Does Firmhouse track my assets?
Yes. Firmhouse helps you track the location and the lifetime value of your rental assets.
What about reverse logistics?
Firmhouse provides you with the techology to easily set up reverse logistics and integrate with your logistics partners.
Can products be swapped?
Firmhouse makes it possible to swap one product for another without having to change or disrupt a customer’s subscription.

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