Start and scale recurring billing for any online recurring commerce model.

Your customers demand new ways to consume your products. Whether it's automatically recurring deliveries, Try & Buy, or rental models, in just a couple of clicks you can let customers consume your products any way they want.
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Billing and logistics

Meet the billing engine that pushes the boundaries of commerce and monetization strategies.

Design a new commerce model and launch it in seconds.

Imagine any way your customers can consume your products on a recurring model and launch your idea in a couple of clicks. Add a new product, set the right billing and shipping settings, and it’s immediately available on checkout.

Separate billing and shipping logic for true flexibility.

With our billing and shipping logic fully separated, you gain the freedom to choose exactly how, when, and where customers are charged, fully independent from shipping logic. This makes any recurring model a breeze to set up.
Billing and payments

Billing logic fully designed for the fragmented and complex payments landscape in Europe.

We solve the complexities of the European payments landscape with billing that was designed with old-school banking systems in mind. Launch subscriptions with the payment options your customers demand, without giving up flexibility in your checkout.
Capture payment mandates on customers' first checkouts.
Use the mandates to flexibly charge customers at the right time.
Ensure orders get paid with proven chargeback logic and tracking.
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Create flexible billing schedules that include any type of product. Create custom billing intervals, contract commitments, and renewal terms. You can set this up per single product or bundles of products.


Automatically generate correct invoices for all purchases through your platform. Invoices are generated with the proper taxes and reflect any active discounts the customer has for that period.


Failed payments are part of running a business with recurring payments. We provide retry strategies that automate dunning for overdue invoices. Customers can easily pay open invoices with payment links.


With subscribers in over 40 countries, our platform supports many currencies out of the box. Looking for a currency that we don't support yet? We can easily add additional currencies via our payment partners.


Automatically calculate the correct taxes on checkout and recurring invoices. Freely create your own tax-rates on our platform or use one of our tax compliance partners to dynamically calculate the right tax rates.


Download all required invoice and payment information from our platform to perform revenue reconciliation in your accounting and finance systems.

Billing and invoicing questions

Frequently asked questions about billing, invoicing, and payments.
Which billing schedules do you support?
Our billing logic is very flexible. It allows you to create any billing rhythm or payment interval you want, all on one platform. We provide out-of-the-box support for the most common commerce models and subscription archetypes within e-commerce.
Which payment methods do you support?
We provide support for most common payment methods that people use to pay online. Next to support for credit cards, we specialize in supporting all European payment methods. Browse our payment method overview for more information.
Who processes the payments?
We partner and integrate with Payment Service Providers to process all payments on our platform. We currently support Mollie, Adyen, Stripe, and offer our own Firmhouse Payments product (Enterprise only). We don't rely on any of the subscription or recurring billing logic of these providers. All the billing logic lives on the Firmhouse platform, providing you with the greatest flexibility.
How does your platform calculate taxes for my invoices?
Currently, there are two ways to set tax rates on the Firmhouse platform. You can natively configure project-wide tax rates and override these with plan- or product-based tax rates. Alternatively, we provide an integration with TaxJar to calculate taxes dynamically on checkout and for recurring orders.
Which accounting systems are supported?
At the moment, we provide flexible exports of all your invoicing data that can be imported to your accounting system for revenue reconciliation. We are looking to create and support native integrations with accounting systems in the near future.