Increase customer loyalty and revenue predictability with commitments

Capture commitments from your customers for future recurring orders or long-term rental contracts. Easily set up minimum, maximum, and renewal commitment terms for your subscriptions.
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Pricing strategy

Set pricing based on commitments.

Reward customer loyalty with discounts for longer commitments to rental products and recurring deliveries.

Commitment terms

Have full control of minimum and maximum commitment terms. Set the duration of a commitment in days, weeks, or months.

Renewal terms

Configure the renewal terms of individual commitments. Set up monthly auto-renewals or automatically stop billing when a customer’s commitment ends.
Commitment types

Any commitment combination.

With commitment types, you can easily create commitment options that fit your products and business. Choose from fully-flexible to long-term commitments on recurring orders.
Auto-renewal with a minimum commitment term.
Minimum commitment with maximum period for auto-renewal.
Fixed commitment with an end date.
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Bundled commitments.

Bundle products under one price with an active commitment from your customers. Combine different product types, like rental and recurring deliveries, into one bundle for a fixed price.

Multiple individual commitments.

Let customers make multiple commitments with individual terms. Firmhouse tracks and manages all the different active product commitments per customer. We make sure cancellations are only possible under the right terms.

What others asked about commitments.

Most common questions about the commitments logic on the Firmhouse platform.
Which timeframes can be set for commitments?
We provide the ability to use units of days, weeks, months, and years for setting the duration of commitment periods.
How are commitment periods tracked?
We automatically track the commitment periods for customers. Upon activation of a product commitment, the right duration period is set and tracking is triggered.
Can a customer cancel early?
When a customer is in the locked period of their commitment, they are not able to cancel their commitment on their own.
Can my team cancel commitments early?
Your team is fully capable of canceling a commitment early. All details of active product commitments are displayed and your team can choose to remove an active product from a specific customer's subscription.
Which automated renewal options are provided?
We currently only provide the monthly auto-renewal option on our platform. After a commitment period ends, customers are renewed on a monthly basis. Typically, local laws prevent any automated extension on a yearly basis for consumer subscriptions.
What happens when customers reach the maximum commitment term of a product?
When a customer reaches the maximum commitment term on a product, billing automatically stops for that product. Other products within their commitment term will still be billed. The total billing amount for a customer’s subscription is automatically updated to reflect this.

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