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How to reduce subscriber churn? 5 helpful tips to try

Increasing and retaining your subscriber base is fundamental to your PaaS subscription business; after all, they provide you the growth you need to scale your PaaS business. Payment issues are one of the leading causes for involuntary churn.

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Capturing and Retaining Customers for your Subscription Business

With subscriptions, customers have more flexibility than when buying a product; they can decide whether to leave when they want (if there’s no fixed contract period or penalty), or to stay for a longer period with your Product-as-a-Service company. Keeping customers for a longer time means more value for both your PaaS subscription business and your customers. 

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How To Set Your Subscription Pricing Strategy?

Everything you need to know when setting up your subscription pricing strategy. Lots of subscription businesses struggle with pricing. How much to charge? or Which pricing model will work best for my subscription business?. The right model can make the difference between capturing customers or losing them.

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Subscription Services Are Here to Stay

Consumers' behavior is changing. People are less concerned with keeping physical possessions and more interested in creating new experiences with flexible product purchases. The widespread lockdown has accelerated the digital adoption of trends like work-from-home (WFH), e-commerce, entertainment-as-a-service, streaming, and delivery services. 

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