Lessons and thoughts on technology from building our products!

Embracing Digital Transformation With As-A-Service Models

Digitalization has changed not only technology but the way we do business nowadays. Learn how the trend for businesses has been moving in the direction of as-a-service models.

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Using Mixpanel Custom Queries

This weekend, I implemented a metrics dashboard for our iOS, Android and web app Sporzer. One metric that I needed on this dashboard...

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Use git blame more efficiently

Everyone has been there, that piece of code of which you think:“Wow, what a piece of crazy code, the person who wrote that should be ashamed of themselves.”

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Tab Bar native-hybrid app with Xcode storyboards and Turbolinks 5

It's the most promising change to Ruby on Rails I've been waiting for: the ability to create hybrid-native mobile apps...

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Simple signup and login in your app (Part 2)

In my previous post, I showed you how to easily create a simple signup for your Rails app, without needing any external gems.

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Setting up SSL for your Rails app

In March 2015, I wrote about setting up SSL for your Rails app. Back then, only 16.4% of the 148.486 most popular website had secure SSL implemented.

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