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How COVID-19 affects Product Subscriptions

At Firmhouse we've noticed that recent quarantine and the global pandemic shifted the context for new and circular business models quite a lot. Here are our thoughts on the opportunity that COVID-19 brings to speed up adoption for (Product) Subscriptions and Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) business models. 

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Product-as-a-Service & subscription ideas to get you going!

Getting started with subscriptions just takes a bit of creativity. It’s all about finding the right balance between convenience and providing additional value to your customers. Just shipping a product on a monthly basis is not gonna cut it. In this blog, we'll provide some inspiration!

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Debt Collection - Growling or Biting? [part 3/3]

This is the third and final blog of our risk-debtor management series, this part will delve deeper into the debt-collection process and the best practices in the (PaaS-)industry. As a PaaS-company do you growl or do you bite when a customer is non paying?

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Debtor Management - Striking the right balance between considerate and stringent [part 2/3]

This is the second blog of a three-part series on risk-debtor management. In this blog, we explain how companies should be -somewhat- lenient towards non-paying customers but also stringent when they have to.

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The crucial aspect of any Product-as-a-Service company

This is the first of three blog series on risk and debtor management. Risk & Debtor management are some of the most important processes that a PaaS-company should perform.This blog focuses on Acceptance Checks; the acceptance and rejections of potential clients to achieve a solid customer base.

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8 questions to ask yourself when starting with Product-as-a-Service

Starting out with Product-as-a-Service or subscriptions can come with quite some considerations. From an already existing company starting with PaaS or as a start-up starting directly with this recurring business model. We like to get you on the right track with the following questions.

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