The key product characteristics for a good Product-as-a-Service fit

What are product characteristics that make for a suitable PaaS? In this blog we dive into the product characteristics that are great for a Product-as-a-Service proposition.

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The revenue opportunity behind Product-as-a-Service, five tips to get you started

Implementing a product-as-a-service model into your business is a great revenue opportunity and introduces the potential to work closely with your customers across your supply chain. We'll also provide 5 aspects to transition from product to product-as-a-service.

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Why subscription services are on the rise & how to make yours a success

Subscription services are popping up everywhere for all kinds of products and services and are becoming increasingly popular. This McKinsey research states...

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The role of Product-as-a-Service models in the Circular Economy

Today the Circular Economy Week comes to a close. This week has been about inspiring, sharing ideas and emphasizing the circular economy and sustainability.

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How Apple & Tesla use services to build recurring and lasting relationships with their customers

Apple and Tesla both have deeply integrated offerings between software & hardware. Integration not only creates a strong position in the market, it allows for..

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How a subscription business can help you serve your customer’s Jobs to be Done better

The Jobs to be Done framework acknowledges that it's not just someone's goal that determines what product or service he will choose...

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