Updates about Firmhouse.

Working remotely from Bali: The promised land or working in isolation?

This series follows Joshua and Yann — a Developer and a Designer at Firmhouse — on their one month journey working remotely...

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We raised €600.000 to accelerate the roll-out of our subscription & product-as-a-service platform.

We're proud to announce that we have raised €600.000 from Techfund One to accelerate the roll-out for our subscription and 'as-a-service' platform.

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Review please

At Firmhouse we have a review process whereby we post our Github pull requests to a Slack channel named #review-please. This works nice...

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Progress report on Firmhouse Venture Lab

We’re now 3 weeks in since we announced the second edition of Firmhouse Venture Lab and I have a lot of interesting news to share.

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Our plans for Intercity Next

A few months ago, Jeroen started working on a new open source project: Intercity Next. "Next" is the next generation version...

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What we learned running the second Venture Lab cohort

Yesterday we celebrated the graduation of the second cohort of Venture Lab entrepreneurs. We had a great afternoon...

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