Our experience building Firmhouse and coaching founders applying the principles of Lean Startup.

Your MVP is probably just an Experiment

During our last meetup in Eindhoven, we talked about the Minimum Viable Product, the MVP. This is one of the most popular...

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What an entrepreneur can teach an academic

At the moment I’m working for a small company making software to help entrepreneurs build businesses, called Firmhouse.

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Using the Jobs to be Done push & pull (forces) diagram to understand your product’s potential

If there’s one concept from Jobs to be Done theory that has helped me understand customer behaviour better, it must be the Progress Forces Diagram.

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Know the Job to be Done to make products people love

Struggling to make a product that people are buying? Sure you’ve created the perfect product but it’s not selling?

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Using Jobs to be Done in a B2B context

While giving workshops on Jobs to be Done, and discussing the Milkshake example from Clayton Christensen, we’ve heard the same question...

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Using Jobs to be Done findings to pick your strategy and reach your customers

In my last post I gave three steps for kickstarting your Jobs to be Done discovery. But what can you do with Jobs to be Done once...

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