Updates on the Firmhouse platform!

Product update: The Self-Service Center

In this blog, we will elaborate on the possibilities of the Self-Service Center, and what makes it such a good feature for potential touch-points with your customer.

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Automate your customer acceptance checks with our new Focum integration

We partnered with Focum to enable our customers to perform automated Customer Acceptence checks for their subscription business.

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Preview of the new Intercity UI

I've got some exciting things to show you. As you might know, Intercity is our home-grown web-based management dashboard for hosting...

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Optimising Dispatch for mentors with the Progress overview

Some exciting and important updates for Dispatch are coming! Read all about it in this post.

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Coming to GoMonthly in July: Super Smooth operations

We already allow you to launch a subscription business for your product. Now we’re adding the next big thing: super smooth operations for device returns..

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Announcing Formbox - our latest (ad)venture

Last Friday, we’ve released Formbox, our form-backend as a service. After using Formbox for more than six months internally...

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