Designed to scale your subscription business in Europe

Firmhouse is the platform of choice for companies pioneering and scaling new commerce & consumption models.

Setup & integration

Integrate with any platform or storestront. Use our out of the box integrations, or create your own on top of our flexible API's.

Connect your storefront

Use the Storefront SDK and code samples to integrate Firmhouse in your storefront. With our native integrations, you'll be up to speed in no time.

Create your own integration

Create your own custom setup using the Firmhouse apis. Launch with a custom and tailored customer experience in your storefront.

What are the options for integrating in your current stores and channels?

Firmhouse offers native integrations via our SDKs. You'll be live in no time using the SDKs and can launch subscriptions quickly. Using our APIs, you can set up and roll any custom integration as you prefer. Customers of Firmhouse have integrated us into Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Adobe Experience Manager, and more.
Use the Firmhouse SDK for your setup
With our support SDKs, you can be live in a matter of hours. The SDKs offer all everyday actions and customer touchpoints out of the box. This includes a subscription selector and hosted cart so customers can stay within your existing website.
Create your own integration(s)
Some of your requirements will determine if a custom set up and integration is required. When we don't support your current storefront, we can discuss it to see if it fits our Roadmap, or we can help your team or agency integrate it custom.
Work with a selected Firmhouse partner
Don't have the time or resources to make your own integration? With our selected partners, we can help speed up your timelines and ensure you go live and successfully scale your business.

Your payment method not listed or visible?

We can probably easily add support for your desired payment method via our PSP partners.

Seamless migrations

Are you already operating subscriptions for your products? We offer seamless migrations from your current subscription platfom, without any manual actions by your subscribers.

From webshop existing plug-ins

We support the best in breed European focused Payment Service Providers that successfully power your recurring commerce business.

From billing platforms

Enable all required local methods for recurring payments. Optimised for high conversion on your checkout, turn any method to a SEPA mandate.

How does a seamless migration work?

We've performed migrations from all kinds of platforms to Farmhouse, including in-house-built systems. The most essential requirement is that you have the ability to export your data which includes the payment-service provider token linked to your customers. If this information is available, we can migrate you.
Export your data and payment tokes
All platforms offer options for taking out your data. Either through built-in export and reporting features or via the platform's API access. It's crucial to have both the customer data and payment tokens from your PSP in order to migrate.
Scope migration strategy & plan
Together with our professional services team, you'll discuss and scope your migration strategy. For most migrations, this is easy; for big migrations (i.e., 50.000 subscribers and above), a custom plan will be designed and executed.
Data import and verification
We offer standardized and compliant methods to migrate the data. A secure data environment is provided, and it will be accessible to share the data. This compliant way ensures there won't be spreadsheets of data floating around in everyone's inboxes.

Do you have questions regarding your migration path?

Let's discuss and explore the options to migrate to Firmhouse.
Frequently asked questions

Questions about our e-commerce offering.

The most common questions from our e-commerce customers!
Which e-commerce platforms do you support?
We support Shopify and Shopware. Both integrations are slightly different because of how both the platforms work. For both integrations we offer all common European payment methods, like SEPA Direct Debit.
How do charge our customers? Which Payment methods do you support?
We use Payment Service Providers (PSP's) to charge customers. Currently we integrate with Mollie, Adyen and Stripe. Through these payment service providers we can support payments all around the world, including all common payment methods in Europe. We provide advanced logic to deal with settlement times of, for example, SEPA Direct Debit.
What subscription models do you support?
We provide support for a total of six archetypes of subscriptions models, natively in our platform:

- Rental & Lease
- Subscribe & Save
- Product-as-a-Service
- Try & Buy
- Memberships
- Pay in installments

However, sky is the limit, all models can be tweaked to your needs if you want to make any variants on these.
Do you support headless integration strategies?
Yes! You will not be the first to integrate a custom front-end experience on our platform. It unlocks a lot of possibilities to get really creative with the subscription experience.
Can we migrate from our current solution (other platform or in-house built)?
It's possible to migrate from your own solution to Firmhouse. We provide different paths to migrate to our platform. Most customers get our migration team and experts involved to scope the migration. Depending on the complexity it won't take much time to get all your customer data in. Some of our customers have migrate their own customer basis via the API.

Inquire with the Firmhouse team what would work best for you.