Everything for e-commerce rentals & recurring commerce.

From e-commerce frontend, to operational backend. From logistics to payments. Firmhouse will help you in all areas of your subscription business.

Subscription Models

Enter the world of recurring e-commerce. With our software, you can offer various subscription models around your products.

Product as a Service

Sell the benefits of your product for a subscription or membership fee. Ship recurring replenishables as part of the subscription at the right moment. Schedule additional periodic maintenance or coaching services. Make repairs and refurbishment.

Recurring Orders

Allow your customers to subscribe to your fast moving consumer goods, such as coffee, razor blades, flowers, or anything else that runs out and your customer consumes on a regular basis.

Lease & Rental

Offer your durable products in the form of operational lease or rent. Customers can rent your products for a period of time and then return it to you so you can give your product a second life. Or a third. Or a fourth.


Use our out-of-the-box Checkout flow to sign up new customers. No code and no integration required. If you can add a button to your website, you can use our Checkout.

Sign up form and payment

All you have to do is send your customers to a link that you get for free in every Firmhouse project.

Your customers can fill out their address and contact details and then proceed to payment via the payment provider.

Custom fields

Define extra custom fields that will be asked when a customer signs up. Use this to collect additional information, have customers choose preferences, or a "How did you find us?" question.

Customise with your brand

Change the copy, upload your own logo, and easily customize the color scheme. Make our Checkout your own while making use of our proven conversion-optimized checkout flow.

Custom domain and e-commerce tracking

Hook up a custom (sub)domain to the Checkout flow in your Firmhouse project. Then add analytics tracking or Tag Manager code. We provide an e-commerce dataLayer out of the box.

Custom validations

You can set additional validation rules on the fields of the signup form. This can for example be used if you need to limit the city or postal codes you can provide your services.

Recurring Orders

Firmhouse let's you seamlessly run a recurring order schedule for your products.

Automatic shipment schedules

Set a recurring shipment schedule for each of your products. You can set daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly replenishment schedules. Orders are automatically generated on the scheduled shipment date.

Per-customer shipment schedules

Your customers can have their own personal shipment schedule per product they are subscribed to. Some customers might enjoy your products weekly, others might want to get it once a month.

On demand or automatic

Set a recurring shipment schedule for each of your products. You can set daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly replenishment schedules. Orders are automatically generated on the scheduled shipment date.

Smart upcoming shipment notification

Based on the shipment schedule, we automatically send your customer an upcoming order reminder. That way they are aware that a new order is coming and can prepare for it. Or possibly cancel or delay the order.

Billing and Invoicing

Our platform includes a powerful billing engine that ensures your customers are periodically billed at the right moment, and that their payments come in.

Automatic invoices and payments

Firmhouse automatically generates recurring invoices and payment charges based on the subscription model your customer is on. Invoices can be viewed in our administrative portal and in the customer's self-service center portal.

Recurring mandate collection on signup

Whenever a customer signs up via Checkout or our API integration, we collect a recurring payment mandate as part of their initial payment.

Payment retries and dunning reminders

Whenever a payment fails your customer can be informed and reminded of the failed payment. We automatically retry the payment a couple of times. If payments keep failing the customer is marked as a non-paying customer. Our outstanding invoices email can be used

VAT & Sales Tax

You can set a tax rate per product or service. This allows you to sell combination of services that are taxed with different rates.

Our TaxJar integration allows you to dynamically calculate (sales) taxes based on the product and the receiving state or country.

Direct invoice payment links

You can generate invoice payment links for one-off or failed payments. Our failed payment reminders also include links where the customer can pay for their invoices directly.

Logistics and Fulfillment

Our platform coördinates and automates various logistics processes of your business. Reducing manual work, decreasing delays, and making sure your customers get the best experience.

Automatic shipment generation

Whenever a shipment is due we automatically generate an Order and a notification to the logistics provider that is configured. This can be a simple e-mail or an integration with a logistics API. Orders can also be exported via CSV or pushed to Google Sheets and Zapier.

Two-step return logistics

Our two-step return logistics flow helps you get your lease/rental products back when a subscription is canceled. We continue to keep billing the customer until you have confirmed that your products are back in good order. Your customer can be periodically reminded about returning your products.


Automatically send your customers the Track&Trace code for their orders and shipments. You can manually enter a Track&Trace code per order, which will then send it out. You can also hook up your logistics provider via our API.

Integrates with e-commerce

We connect with popular e-commerce solutions and storefronts. This allows you to keep running your existing processes and still add new business models via Firmhouse.


Hook up your Shopify store to Firmhouse. Add our Subscribe button integration to your Product Detail Page. Sync your Shopify products to Firmhouse. Firmhouse automatically generates orders in your Shopify store on every (repeat) order.


Use our deep integration with the Firmhouse WooCommerce plugin developed and supported by our partner Woosa. Tight integration with the WooCommerce cart that allows you to sell your products on subscription.

On demand or automatic

Set a recurring shipment schedule for each of your products. You can set daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly replenishment schedules. Orders are automatically generated on the scheduled shipment date.

Recurring Payments & PSP

Have us collect payments for you or bring your own payment provider account.

Firmhouse Payments

Immediately start collecting payments for your business without having to set up or connect an additional payment provider.

Supported PSPs

We currently support Mollie and Stripe as our native payment providers. Get in touch with us if you are looking for support of additional payment providers.

European Payment Methods

Our platform fully supports receiving payments via the most common European online and recurring payment methods. Use iDeal, SOFORT or Bancontact for initial payments and then SEPA Direct Debit for all recurring charges.

Credit and Debit Cards

We can process any payments for all credit and debit carts supported by Firmhouse Payments or the ones that are enabled in your own PSP account. Most commonly used are MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Carte Blueu.

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