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We lower the operational barrier & challenges of starting, operating and scaling your Product-as-a-Service & Subscription business. From proposition design, to logistics and acceptance checks.

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Operating a Product-as-a-Service business comes with risk. In collaboration with Focum we provide automated acceptance checks. Prevent fraud cases and non-paying customers at the door.

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Active Ants

High-quality fulfilment, logistics and return logistics are a crucial element of a successful Product-as-a-Service business. Our integration with Active Ants make it possible to activate Asset Tracking.

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Over the lifetime of any Product-as-a-Service & Subscription business you will encounter fraud cases and non-paying customers. With Intrum we provide the option to collect outstanding debts.

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Matrixian Group

Big data made easy. Matrixian Group provides insights and information that help with address validations, further improving your ability to prevent fraud cases and prove a customers identity.

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The team at Subspot helps companies transition to Product-as-a-Service & Subscription based business models. With deep industry knowledge they take you from start to operating business.

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