Flexible monthly recurring payments

Create a recurring payment model that fits with your subscription model. Accept payment mandates, charge on a recurring basis and flexibly change monthly charge amounts.

Payment mandates

Easily receive payment mandates from your customers

Accepting new sign-ups and customers starts with getting the payment mandate to automatically deduct funds from their bankaccount or credit card.

Monthly recurring payments

Automatically charge your customers

After signing-up and providing their payment mandate, your customers will be charged on a monthly basis. Our platform runs the billing cycle, making you independant from the billing cycles offered by payment service providers.

track payment status

Act only on failed payments that require attention from your team

Dealing with failed payments is a core operational process that creates a lot of work. We lower the thresshold for your team with automated retries and giving insight why payments fail.

Your customers will be automatically informed their payment failed, and reminded to complete their payment using other payment methods.

Change monthly charges

Flexibly change monthly charges for your services

Over the lifetime and lifecycle of your customer, different charges need to happen. As a your customers upgrade or downgrade between plans, your recurring charges will automatically change.

Payment methods

  • Firmhouse Payments

    Use our integrated Firmhouse Payments solution to accept payments. Direct pay-outs to bank-account of your choice.

  • Use your own Payment Service Provider

    Currently we offer integrations with Mollie and Stripe to accept payments via the Firmhouse platform.

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