Recurring Commerce & Product Subscriptions for your Shopify store.

Start with Recurring Commerce on Shopify. Extend your store with features to run Product Subscriptions & Automated Repeat orders. Great for customers that order frequently or want to rent your products.

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Product Subscriptions

Start with repeat orders.

The most common form of product subscriptions is repeat orders. Help your customers to subscribe to their favourite products from your assortment, and automatically ship on the desired interval.

Firmhouse handles the billing cycle, and with every successful monthly payment from a customer, the process of shipping your product(s) is started.

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Product Rentals

Offer rental options for your products straight from your store.

Go sustainable and offer your products as a rental. Provide custom rental and lease options, alongside your current one-time purchase options. It's a great way to promote the re-use of your products and maximize the value you get from your products at the same time.

Add all the missing capabilities to your Shopify store and enter the field of rentals: customer acceptance checks, asset management, return logistics, and recurring billing are at your disposal!

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Combine product rentals with recurring orders.

Take your Product Subscription to the next level, and offer a combination of products and services in your subscriptions. Own the full customer experience by combining product rentals and recurring orders into one subscription.

A full-service coffee subscription does not need to be limited to just the beans. Why not provide the right coffee machine, cleaning kits, and installation services, all for a fixed fee per month? With the Firmhouse platform, your Shopify store is ready for the future of Product-as-a-Service.

Push orders to Shopify

How does it work?

Our Shopify integration is currently in open beta. We utilize the Shopify platform's private app integration to handle all the recurring orders and rental orders.
Shopping cart
Separate billing logic

Our recurring billing is not directly connected to order generation. Shipping schedules can be custom from charges.

Subscriber Management
Sync orders to Shopify for fulfilment

We sync orders to Shopify for fulfillment. This way, you can rely on your existing processes for shipping orders.

Customer communications
No additional storefronts

Use one storefront for your different commerce models. Keep the shopping experience all in one place.

Recurring payments
Ready for Europe

Firmhouse supports major payment methods throughout Europe. Go beyond the credit card with Sepa Direct Debit.

Ready to start with recurring commerce & product subscriptions?

Firmhouse is the foundation for your subscription & recurring commerce business.
Calculate your business case

Wondering what the ROI of your product subscriptions or rental business can be? Request the business case calculator to learn about the unit economics.

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Server network
Explore developer documentation

Looking to integrate with your existing systems and platforms? Check our Developer documentation to learn about integration options via our API.

Developer documentation