Smooth operation for order fulfilment and return logistics.

Logistics and operations are at the core of your Product-as-a-Service & Subscription business. Setup your fulfilment & logistics operations, tailored to your needs and ready to scale your business.
Payment mandates

Sync-up your recurring payments and billing with product returns

Delivering physical products as part of your Product-as-a-Service proposition comes with a unique challenge: subscribers cancel, but have yet to return the product. A subscription should only be cancelled when the product is returned in good condition.

We sync the return logistics process and billing cycle, meaning that subscribers cancel in two-steps. This prevents fraud, and risk in the business operations. You only stop billing them when the products are marked as returned to the warehouse by your logistics partner.

Payment mandates
automated communications

Transparent and clear communication about deliveries for your subscribers

Operating a subscription & Product-as-a-Service business involves logistic processes and communication. With our automated e-mails and notifications your subscribers are always up-to-date about the shipment of their products.

Custom invoices
Asset tracking

Track unique products

Automatically keep track of the products being send to your subscribers. Ensure the return of the right products to be returned when a subscriber cancels. 

Asset tracking is key in situations where a product will have multiple owners over it's lifetime, and you want to trace it's ownership.

Payment mandates

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