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Built for Europe

Local Payments

Tailor your proposition to your markets by offering local payment methods for capturing mandates and charging on a recurring basis.

Payment Service Providers

We support the best in breed European focused Payment Service Providers that successfully power your recurring commerce business.

All required Payment Methods

Enable all required local methods for recurring payments. Optimised for high conversion on your checkout, turn any method to a SEPA mandate.

What makes running a successful commerce subscription in Europe so hard?

SEPA is the main direct debit method for subscriptions in Europe. It was clearly not designed with recurring commerce in mind. Creating a seamless customer experience with SEPA is not easy. But we have all the tools to help you achieve that.
Use your desired method on checkout
Offer a best-in-class checkout experience to your subscription customers. They can pick from their preferred local method, like iDeal, Bancontact, SOFORT and others to make their first payment. The connect bank account will be used for future deductions. No need to remember or enter your IBAN.
Simple mandate payments for any update
Provide your customers with the option to easily change their payment method. Any support recurring method works. Customers complete a €0,10 via, for example iDeal, and their bankaccount is updated. No need for requesting or filling out IBAN numbers manually from your customers.
Flexible dunning, and fraud prevention
SEPA payment statusses and chargebacks are quite the jungle to make sense of. Depending on the status, a new action on your side might be needed. We've solved this for you, and make sure that when a payment fails you and your team know what to do.

Your payment method not listed or visible?

We can probably easily add support for your desired payment method via our PSP partners.
Built for Europe

Risk prevention.

Scaling product subscriptions or your rental business exposes increases the risks of fraudelent customers. A good identification, acceptance and risk scoring mechanism mitigates ther risks of losing your products to fraudsters.

Know Your Customer

In rental & subscription operations for valueable products, it's curcial to know who is on the other end of your checkout. With robust KYC integrations and orchestration, we make sure you know who your customer really is.

Risk-scoring & Acceptance Checks.

After identification of your customer it's important to know the creditworthiness of your customer. By running checks in risk-scoring databases, you know if your customer has a fraudulent past based on their payment history with other companies.

What makes customer identification and risk scoring across borders in Europe complex?

Most markets and regions within Europe have their own data providers offering specific identification and risk-scoring services. The data has to be sourced locally, according to the European policies and standards, and sometimes additional regulations within the countries. This makes it hard to use one source in all markets and often blocks scale.
Work with local providers & expertise
We integrate local providers and ensure that the data exchange between our platform and the provider complies with regulations. Only the allowed data and scoring are stored in our platform, leaving sensitive customer data at the provider.
Global identification methods
Providing identification papers while renting a car at the airport is expected, so why not for your e-bike online? Many companies avoid doing this because it introduces friction into the buying process. We optimized our integrations for a great customer experience.
Bring your own customer checks
Through our platform logic and APIs, you're capable of setting up your on approval flows. Customers in Firmhouse can be activated in two steps. Customers can checkout easily, and your business operations run the approval processes afterward.

Want to learn in more detail about our methods?

Get in touch and we can share more details on mechanisms and pricing.
Built for Europe

Debt Collection.

Every online business operating on auto-debit methods and payments faces problems with late payments or chargebacks of customers. Outstanding payments can easily mount up to large amounts. Our integration and partners offer coverage through Europe for processes and compliant debt collection of these funds or organise the return of your assets.

Custom payment dunning flows

You can set up your payment dunning workflows in Firmhouse. Depending on your region, business, and support payment methods. When customers are still not paying their bills, you can call in the help of our partners to set up debt collection processes.

Compliant debt collection

With our primary debt collection partner, Intrum, we provide the correct setup for your business to start official collections. Their core operations are to provide lolocalizedcalised help for debt collection in all kinds of markets. They can setup the desired workflow and retrieve your funds.

What makes debt collection across borders in Europe complex and hard to scale?

Debt collection is one of the hardest measures to recover unpaid bills between a customer and any business. The process typically affects both the customer and business negatively, so it has to be done professionally, limiting its impact. As expected, every country and region has their own rules and regulations that change often and are strictly upheld.
Design a customer friendly process
With the right approach, debt collection is not only effective but can leave a good relationship between the brand and the customer. Typically customers are more cooperative, and will work with debt collector to settle in a good manner.
In their language and culture
Crossing borders in Europe means a new language and culture, and on sensitive topics like debt collection, it's best to work with an experienced partner. The right approach is very important to get the issues resorted.
Operated by one partner
Selecting one partner that helps you in multiple markets makes sure you operate the debt collection process in a way that fits your brand.

Want to learn more?

Find out what's possible with Subscription models.
Frequently asked questions

Questions about our e-commerce offering.

The most common questions from our e-commerce customers!
Which e-commerce platforms do you support?
We support Shopify and Shopware. Both integrations are slightly different because of how both the platforms work. For both integrations we offer all common European payment methods, like SEPA Direct Debit.
How do charge our customers? Which Payment methods do you support?
We use Payment Service Providers (PSP's) to charge customers. Currently we integrate with Mollie, Adyen and Stripe. Through these payment service providers we can support payments all around the world, including all common payment methods in Europe. We provide advanced logic to deal with settlement times of, for example, SEPA Direct Debit.
What subscription models do you support?
We provide support for a total of six archetypes of subscriptions models, natively in our platform:

- Rental & Lease
- Subscribe & Save
- Product-as-a-Service
- Try & Buy
- Memberships
- Pay in installments

However, sky is the limit, all models can be tweaked to your needs if you want to make any variants on these.
Do you support headless integration strategies?
Yes! You will not be the first to integrate a custom front-end experience on our platform. It unlocks a lot of possibilities to get really creative with the subscription experience.
Can we migrate from our current solution (other platform or in-house built)?
It's possible to migrate from your own solution to Firmhouse. We provide different paths to migrate to our platform. Most customers get our migration team and experts involved to scope the migration. Depending on the complexity it won't take much time to get all your customer data in. Some of our customers have migrate their own customer basis via the API.

Inquire with the Firmhouse team what would work best for you.