Build and maintain a close relationship with subscribers

Creating a healthy relationship with your subscribers has never been easier. We've setup all the needed notifications for you, all you have to do is customize them to make them your own.

subscriber lifecycle communications

A great subscriber relationship starts with clear & timely updates

Running a subscription based business is all about building great and lasting relationships. Automated e-mails and notifications help you master the lifecycle of your customers, create loyalty and prevent churn.

From order updates to delivery notifications, and updates on payments, we cover them all. All you have to do is start with our template and make it your own.

Payment notification updates

Decrease the failed payment rates in your subscriber base

Monthly payments can fail for many reasons. Whether it's about insufficient funds in a bank account to expired credit cards, it's crucial to enable your subscribers to act quickly.

We provide your team to setup e-mails that contain the right methods to act. Automatically include all the ways your subscriber can settle the outstanding balance, or change their monthly payment methods.

With these automated e-mails you and your team are relieved from chasing all customers manually.

SIGN-up & logistic notifications

Stay on top of new sign-ups & order shipments

When a new sign-up comes in, all the right people in your team get to work. We provide with flexible settings to receive notifications sign-ups, cancellations and non-paying customers.

Send your logistics partners separate e-mails with all the required information to fulfil the orders of your customers.

Start your subscription business.