Welcoming Europe to Recurring Commerce with the Firmhouse integration for Shopify

We are excited to announce our beta integration for Shopify. Using the integration, Shopify Merchants can expand their e-commerce business to subscriptions, including support for all major payment methods in Europe.
Bob Jansen
October 7, 2020

We are excited to announce our beta integration for Shopify. Using the integration, Shopify Merchants can expand their e-commerce business to subscriptions, including support for all major payment methods in Europe.

Recurring Commerce is an emerging category, hugely successful for direct-to-customer brands like Boldking, Dollar Shave Club, Birchbox, and many more. Companies like Subspot are entering the space to help existing companies make the transition.

Europe is a fragmented landscape for subscription platforms. Many companies have problems navigating this complexity, which prevents them from launching subscriptions.

As Firmhouse is based in Europe, our platform is designed to easily overcome these challenges, and with the Shopify integration, merchants can roll out their subscription offerings in a matter of days.

Support for all major payment methods across Europe

Europe has a large array of different payment methods. While credit cards are popular in the US, European consumers are used to local payment methods. SEPA Direct Debit is starting to become the new standard, but is not often supported by popular subscription platforms.

With all the different payment methods out there, launching subscriptions can easily lead to a jungle of integrations for your store, thereby increasing complexity and maintenance.

Our Shopify integration enables merchants to support local methods using a single vendor strategy quickly. With our Mollie, Stripe, and Firmhouse Payments as payment service providers, we cover all major accepted payment methods in Europe.

A selection of the most common payments Firmhouse supports:

  • SEPA Direct Debit
  • iDeal
  • Bancontact

Firmhouse uses the payment method to charge the monthly and variable fees, and controls the billing cycle. This creates flexibility that doesn't limit you to the recurring billing methods offered by your Payment Service Provider.

Track the full e-commerce funnel experience & conversions

With the brand-new Firmhouse Check-out, merchants have real-time visibility on conversion throughout the check-out experience. Firmhouse allows merchants to optimize their e-commerce funnel, conversions and ultimately, revenue.

Overview of Firmhouse Check-out page for Recurring Commerce.

With Firmhouse Check-Out you gain unique superpowers in e-commerce. It gives you the flexibility to offer unlimited combinations of one-time sales, rental orders, and recurring product deliveries all in one simple check-out step.

We have exciting updates to the check-out coming, including ways for physical stores and retailers to allow customers to subscribe in-store, which is great for your omni-channel commerce strategy. Keep an eye on our blog for the full announcement next week, or subscribe for updates via e-mail.

Directly link products from your Shopify catalog

Import and connect a selection from your Shopify catalog that you want to offer as a subscription. Firmhouse will then handle all recurring payments and create repeat orders for the right products and quantities at the right time.

Currently, no information, inventory management, or other aspects are synced between the Firmhouse platform and Shopify. The connection is designed for merchants to leverage their existing store setup, including logistics, customer communications, and inventory numbers.

Because after all, we're here to make things simpler, and to prevent large investments and multiple integrations for your store.

Overview of linked products in the Firmhouse back-end

The benefits of using Firmhouse for Recurring Commerce

What makes Firmhouse unique is the ability to blend different business models into one great customer experience. Whether you're looking to offer rentals, product subscriptions or a combination of both, the check-out experience remains the same.

With Firmhouse you also have access to:

  • Customer acceptance checks, to protect your business from fraudulent customers
  • Asset management & tracking, keeping one overview of all your unique assets
  • Customer communications to manage the full customer lifecycle

And much more! Book a demo today with the Firmhouse team, or start by creating your first project on the platform. We're here to answer any questions regarding your start with Recurring Commerce.

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