Review please

Bram Bokdam
September 6, 2016

At Firmhouse we have a review process whereby we post our Github pull requests to a Slack channel named #review-please. This works nice, but it depends on having Slack open all the time. When you want to focus and don't want to be disturbed, you close Slack. Once you finish a feature, you have to open Slack (And be subjected to all the distractions) to post your pull request.

So in our adventure time we thought of a solution for this. We created a Rails app named review-please where we can add our projects.


The app creates a web hook on Github that keeps us up to date on pull requests. If the title doesn't start with [WIP] it automatically posts a message to the correct Slack channel.


Desktop app

We also liked the idea of having an overview with all the to review pull requests. So we made a little API in the review-please app and made a desktop client that connected to this.


It is a simple app that shows an overview of all posted pull requests. It also shows a nice notification when someone posts a new pull request.

Have questions? Want to use this?

If you have any questions, or do you want to use this in your own company? Let me know! I love hearing from you. You can reach me on @brambokdam or