Firmhouse is looking for a front-end developer

Michiel Sikkes
June 13, 2016

We are looking to add a front-end developer to our remote distributed team. We're currently a team of all-around Rails developers, but we'd like you to help with our problem.

That problem is that we're good at writing Rails code, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but we're missing something. We have a good sense of what a functional easy-to-use interface should contain, but we don't have super powers to really make something of the interfaces we build. We'd like you to help us level up and become responsible for the front-end side in our web and mobile apps.

You will be working closely with the current team of all-round developers to implement new features, design UI and UX from scratch or implement visual designs into our web and mobile apps. Sometimes the design of our apps is made by an external agency. Other projects won't have any visual design prepared, and it will be your job to invent and implement beautiful and straightforward UI into the apps we build.

You have simple but beautiful taste, write good front-end code and like to work in a team with all kinds of developers.

At Firmhouse, everyone gets 20% "investment time". This time is used to work on and invest in anything other than regular client work. Spend the time on side projects, open source work, new Firmhouse products, following online courses, trying new tools and techniques, or writing a blog post. You get to choose whatever you want to do in this time, as long as it's related and beneficial to Firmhouse and the rest of the team. Investment time is one of the most important things at Firmhouse and it is how we keep ourselves up-to-par with new technologies or learn new things related to the work we do.

So what do we do at Firmhouse?

We create working prototypes, minimum viable products (MVPs) and full mobile (native-hybrid apps) and web applications using Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript, Sass/SCSS and server side rendered JS.

Clients come to us when they want to build, launch and market-test new web and mobile apps. The projects we do have a rapid feedback cycle (1-2 weeks) and are tested with real people as soon as possible. We try to strike the best balance between (visual) quality and speed, so that we can gather feedback from real users as soon as we can. We don't like spending days in up-front design sessions without producing something we can get in the hands of real people.

We are a remote distributed team, with an office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our office is situated directly next to Rotterdam Central Train station. You're welcome to work from home, a coffee shop, on top of the Mount Everest, or come to the office to work there.

Required Skills

  • Good understanding of HTML / CSS / JS
  • Good understanding of design principles, simple and functional taste
  • You like to work or can quickly learn Sass and CoffeeScript
  • You have some experience with Ruby on Rails
  • Have perfect written communication (chat, email) and can work in a remote distributed team.
  • Ability to work with (or quickly learn) to use Git
  • Perfect in written English, fluent in spoken English
  • You know the difference between a prototype, minimum viable product and highly polished product. You are able to recognize the important details, and things that just don't matter.

Ready to apply?

Awesome! Here's what you need to do. Send me an email at and explain why you see yourself as a good fit for this opening. It also helps to include any portfolio projects and links to any code you've written.

If you think you're a good fit, let me know! If you know anyone else who could be a good fit, please forward this job posting to them too!

Happy Monday!