Coming to GoMonthly in July: Super Smooth operations

Michiel Sikkes
July 13, 2018

We already allow you to launch a subscription business for your product. Now we’re adding the next big thing: super smooth operations for device returns, logistics, customer care, CRM.


GoMonthly is one of our flagship products that allows founders and innovation teams to launch a subscription-based business for their physical products. Compared to other subscription management software, GoMonthly shines at running everything you need to offer physical devices on a monthly recurring business model. For example: coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, medical devices, baby strollers, or personal beauty appliances.

We’ve already nailed the recurring billing part in our product. But now we’ve experienced that the recurring billing part is actually not that hard. The hard part is arranging everything that needs to happen after someone signs up for your subscription product. This includes integrating logistics, finances, returns, CRM emails, stock depreciation, and customer care. With our July release of GoMonthly, we’re making all that extremely easy to do for your team and supporting departments.

Here’s what we have in store as new capabilities for finance, customer care, and logistics:

  • Easily send purchase offers with the click of a button: allowing you to convert subscribers to purchasing customers right away.
  • Easily send out CRM emails: sometimes a customer misses an important automated email. With this new feature customer care agents can easily re-send common and important emails about their subscription.
  • Reactivate customers that changed their minds: customer care agents will be able to easily re-activate a subscription, when a customer changes their mind on cancelling.
  • Finding a simple customer across GoMonthly projects: many projects, many lease models, a lot of customers. Easily find a single customer across administrations based on email address or name.
  • **Reduce fraud and non-collected payments: **GoMonthly will now email your subscribers if a payment failed to go through, and allows them to update their credit card or bank details right away.
  • A better cancellation process: whenever someone cancels, we first require them to return their device in good order before we stop billing their subscription.
  • **Better monthly revenue reporting: **easily browsable and exportable monthly reports for your business controller.
  • Marking subscribers as non-paying or fraud: whenever a customer refuses to pay, or you cannot get a hold of them you can mark a subscription as fraud. This will instantly mark the outstanding invoices as non-payable so that you can depreciate them in your books.
  • Easily send customers return labels for shipping back their device:we offer better integration with your warehouse or fulfilment partner, and allow your customer care agents to automatically send renewed return shipment labels to cancelling customers.

Start your subscription business today

All of the above is on top of what you can already do with GoMonthly currently. GoMonthly can already let you kick-start your subscription business today, by providing you branded sign up pages, CRM, monthly billing, logistics processes and a customer care portal.

Join our growing customer base of companies that have kick-started their Direct2Consumer subscription business on GoMonthly. If you’re interested, get in touch to see a demo.