Announcing Formbox - our latest (ad)venture

Joshua Jansen
May 23, 2016

Last Friday, we’ve released Formbox, our form-backend as a service. After using Formbox for more than six months internally, we’ve decided to make the tool available for everyone.

Formbox is an easy way add a backend to your website’s forms. It includes things like an administrative interface, SPAM protection, Slack/e-mail notifications and backups.

At Firmhouse, We have been creating quite some websites that include forms for signing up for events or beta lists. Setting up a backend for these forms that stores entries and notifies our team felt like a repetitive and trivial process. The existing tools did not fit our needs, so we decided to "scratch our own itch" and build a little service ourselves.

Read the full story on the Formbox blog.

Formbox and all of its features are free to use for a single form, so I invite you to try it out!

Do you have any question or suggestions, please let me know! You can reach via email on on Twitter via @joshuajansen