Airstrip V2.7: Payment experiments, UX improvements and more

Evelien Al
July 11, 2018

Airstrip V2.7: Payment experiments, UX improvements and more

This week we released another version of our online experiment builder: Airstrip! Here’s a quick overview of the most important features and updates for you to use:

Test the ultimate commitment: Are people willing to pay for your product?

Our main focus for Airstrip V2.7 was the integration with one of our other products: GoMonthly. With GoMonthly you can start selling and renting out your products directly to your customers. It enables you to test whether people are actually willing to pay for your product, and whether renting out your products on a subscription basis could work for you. But without the administrative hassle that usually comes with this, like having to arrange a specialised bank account or handle new subscribers and cancellations.

And this is important to test, as people might say they’d buy your product, but you’re never quite sure until you get them to really do so! Capturing email addresses or other personal information as signs of interest is a good start, but money talks and is vital for creating a business that lasts.

So why integrate GoMonthly with Airstrip?

Speed of experimentation is everything when trying to build a business, and increasing it is one of Airstrip’s main goals. By integrating GoMonthly we combine the ease of building online experiments in Airstrip with the power of testing payments and subscription models in GoMonthly.

Show me!

Sure! When the payment page is enabled for your project, you can simply add a payment page module to your experiment flow. This will add a page with all the necessary forms for visitors to fill out in order to buy your product. And it will add a thank you page visitors will be directed to when they’ve clicked to “Submit” button. The processing of the data and arranging the payments is all done by GoMonthly on the background!


Adding a payment page in Airstrip, it’s that easy!

Great! So can I start using this tomorrow?

If you’re excited about getting your own payments experiments up & running on Airstrip drop us a message! We’re happy to help you get your experiments online as soon as possible, and eager for any feedback we get in the process :)

For now we still need to set up some things manually to enable the GoMonthly integration for your Airstrip project, but automating this process is on our backlog!

Improving our page editor in many ways

Apart from the new big feature of testing payments, we have implemented some smaller updates as well. We’ve taken lessons from the feedback we got, the user tests we conducted, and implemented the following features:

Link to external URLs

Because you might have that blog you want to send visitors to, or point them to your general company website. You now have that freedom in Airstrip!

Link buttons to anywhere you want

Never get lost while editing your page sections

In Airstrip V2.8 the page section you’re editing in the Settings fly-out menu is automatically updated to the page section you’re viewing. This so editing your page will go that much more quickly and smoothly. No need to manually switch between the settings for the different page sections anymore!

The Settings automatically switch to the page section you’re viewing or just added!

Making it easier to view your final pages

A crucial step before going live is making sure your pages look right to your visitors and all the links work smoothly. In Airstrip we have the Preview mode for that, accessible in your variant dashboard. But we also had something called the “non edit-mode” while editing your page. It confused users and participants during user tests however, so we decided to take it out and make the Preview mode easily accessible instead :)

That’s it!

We’ve already started with our next round of product dev, this time with many exciting features for our other products GoMonthly and Dispatch. We will keep you updated…