Airstrip V2.5: Visitor metrics, templates, and more!

Evelien Al
May 25, 2018

You might have heard a bit about one of our tools: Airstrip. We made Airstrip to help innovators launch their online experiments quickly, may it be in corporate innovation programs or small companies.

We found out that this is not always as easy as it sounds: company regulations can make it hard to find compliant tools in the first place, and with all the possibilities around creating a simple landing page or form can prove tricky as well. So with Airstrip we are offering a tool that’s customised to your company’s policies, makes setting up an experiment and launching it as easy as possible, while also giving the flexibility to make something you’ll be proud to ship.

At the moment we are already at Airstrip V2.5! By now we’re getting to a point where Airstrip is getting really to our vision of a platform that can truly help you launch your experiments soon, so you can get the learnings you need to move your project forward!

Let me present to you the features we shipped as part of our latest release:

Tracking page visits

Let’s start with the most important feature implemented in this version: visitor statistics! We’re in the business of running experiments after all, so getting data is crucial. In Airstrip V2.5 you can get a comprehensive overview of how many people visited which page, and you can select on time period as well.

Viewing visitor metrics & selecting dates

We also made sure to filter out your own visits to your web page, so you testing it won’t mess up your numbers. Just so you know: if your visits are not contributing towards your page visits, that’s not a bug; it’s the filter doing its work ;) (it’s a feature!).

Templates to get you up & running in no-time

A popular request that kept coming back was to include templates. So we set out to offer a couple of options from which you can choose, and will automatically create a set of landing pages with some content for you. Just click on the “Choose a starting point” button in your project (note: this will only appear if you haven’t added any pages yet).

At the moment you can choose from the following templates:

  • Classic landing page: This will add a landing page with some standard sections including features and pricing, a form with a couple of questions, and a thank you page.
  • Survey: This will add just a form with a few standard questions, and a thank you page.

Get email notifications for new form submissions

We’ve now also included in Airstrip the possibility to opt in on getting email notifications upon a new form submission. This so you can take immediate action, like contacting someone, when they sign up on your landing page or form.

You can find the option in the “Email notifications” tab:

And the email notifications go on… and off

That’s it for V2.5, now we’re off to developing more awesome Airstrip features! Including the option to add a menu to your page, and integrating it with our service GoMonthly to enable you to run payment and subscription service experiments… So stay tuned!

Ready to see how Airstrip can speed up your experimentation process?

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