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3 Strategies to Market and Position a Subscription-Based Business

Businesses are facing the question of whether to offer a membership or a subscription model. There are many advantages to both, and companies need to consider their business model and industry when deciding which would work best for them.

New at Firmhouse: product based contract terms, improved finance operations, and service channels

We are releasing two new features and updates to streamline your business operations. These features are rolling out to all customers and are available for all projects at Firmhouse today.

Firmhouse Protect: pre-credit management for rental & lease in e-commerce businesses

Let's dive in and take an early look at Firmhouse Protect, our new product for pre-credit management for rental & lease businesses in e-commerce.

Welcoming Europe to Recurring Commerce with the Firmhouse integration for Shopify

We are excited to announce our beta integration for Shopify. Using the integration, Shopify Merchants can expand their e-commerce business to subscriptions, including support for all major payment methods in Europe.

Turn your product into a subscription, three easy ways to start

The world shifts to a service-based economy and transforms markets to subscription offerings. Learn how to turn your product into a successful subscription proposition.

Products-as-a-Service as an accelerator for circular economy

Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) is an important building block towards the circular economy. Read more about how PaaS and subscriptions help to accelerate the circular economy.

Now live: Advanced Asset Management & Tracking in Firmhouse

Announcing advanced Asset Management & Tracking in Firmhouse. Keep track of all the important information of the assets in your rental & Product-as-a-Service business.

Automate your customer acceptance checks with our new Focum integration

We partnered with Focum to enable our customers to perform automated Customer Acceptence checks for their subscription business.

Make your product as a service obviously more awesome than owning it

The field of service based business models develops rapidly. All industries have new entrants not selling a product, but offering it as part of a service model. Companies like Swapfiets are paving the way to show their customers the benefits, and becomes an example for other industries to follow.

We raised €600.000 to accelerate the roll-out of our subscription & product-as-a-service platform.

We're proud to announce that we have raised €600.000 from Techfund One to accelerate the roll-out for our subscription and 'as-a-service' platform.

How Apple & Tesla use services to build recurring and lasting relationships with their customers

Apple and Tesla both have deeply integrated offerings between software & hardware. Integration not only creates a strong position in the market, it allows for..

B2B subscriptions and the role of channel partners explained

You've heard of the subscription economy, and how people are becoming more and more interested in "renting" products rather than owning them...