Deidre Olsen

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Using automation to reduce churn in subscription services

By leveraging customer data, merchants can champion automation to personlize user experiences, no matter which products or services they offer. In doing so, they can build an emotional connection with people, serve up original, fresh content, and make the entire customer journey reliable and hassle-free.

Seamless integration: Transforming customer experience with unified commerce

With a unified commerce strategy, merchants can transcend omnichannel limitations, resulting in personalized customer journeys, optimized order fulfillment, and flexible payment and delivery options.

How personalized subscription models are changing the game

With personalized subscription models, customers enjoy greater ease, convenience, and flexibility while merchants experience consistent revenue and sustainable growth.

The rise of recyclable and reusable packaging in online shopping

Merchants are building towards a more sustainable future by onboarding recyclable and reusable packaging systems for online shopping. This trend is keeping pace with environmental regulations and consumer preferences, simultaneously establishing the foundations for long-term growth.

Team building in the French countryside: Takeaways from our May 2024 retreat

As a remote-first startup, getting offline and meeting in real life is essential to our success. That’s why, twice a year, we get together in a new location to co-work, share meals, participate in activities, and most importantly, make memories. 

Recurring commerce is building towards tomorrow’s circular economy

In recurring commerce, more resources aren’t extracted, only to create islands of plastic debris in the ocean. Instead, waste and pollution are eliminated, the lifetime value of existing products and materials are extended, and nature is regenerated.