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Feather furniture as a service on Subscription

August 3, 2022

Feather offers upscale furniture for rent using a product-as-a-service model. Customers can sign up for a furniture subscription and have their living space completely furnished within a week. Clients have the choice of swapping, returning, or buying out the fixtures later on. Customers have the choice to own the pieces they don’t want to part with – and the buyout price won’t be more than the retail price.

Acquiring furniture for rent is ideal for those who just moved to a new town, or for people who won’t be staying long at a particular location. A monthly furniture subscription becomes a more affordable option as opposed to upfront payments for something you may not need for long. It is also a great option for those who like to redecorate their home every so often.

Feather offers furniture for rent to both members and non-members with an advantage for those with furniture subscription memberships.

Feather has a style advice wizard to help you pick the right furtniture from the assortment.

August 3, 2022