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Bundles Tumble Dryer as a Service

August 3, 2022

Dry your laundry with a tumble dryer subscription.

You can now dry bundles of laundry without owning a tumble dryer. “Bundles”, a product-as-a-service company offers tumble dryer rental subscriptions without long-term contracts. The Netherlands-based PaaS provider will deliver hard-wearing, economical and sustainably-built Miele dryers to your residence. They will install the appliance to your wall and connect it to your outlets.

Customers can pay for a fixed monthly dryer subscription or choose a pay-per-use plan. The latter is ideal for those who use the dryer less than 10 times a month. Bundles keeps track of your usage by connecting the dryer to the internet. You can also monitor your usage and payments via a WebApp.

After applying for a dryer subscription, customers get a call within 3 business days to make a delivery appointment and receive the appliance within 5 business days. If you have an old dryer at home, Bundles will take that old appliance away for you. You can cancel your subscription at any time but will have to pay a moving fee of €89 which also covers the cost of refurbishing the appliance. This can be settled with the €89 deposit paid at the beginning of your dryer subscription.

August 3, 2022