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Access by BMW on Product-as-a-Service subscription

August 3, 2022

Access by BMW offers vehicles as a product-as-a-service luxury vehicle subscription. Subscribers can have a different vehicle for every occasion – an X5 for a glamping trip up in the mountains or a Z4 convertible for a new date you want to impress. You can order any vehicle through BMW’s vehicle subscription app.

With a BMW subscription, you get all the lavish frills and extra privileges – A concierge will deliver the car to your door fully charged or with a full tank of gas. Your concierge will adjust the car’s settings to your preferences, from radio station presets to your personal seating position. With a BMW subscription, you won’t have to worry about maintenance, oil-changes, taxes or car detailing.

Access by BMW offers subscribers a one-time activation fee, a $1 million liability insurance policy, no long-term contract, and a month-to-month membership that allows you to cancel or pause the service at any time. Offering a product as a service is nothing new but has just recently caught on with luxury vehicles.

August 3, 2022