New updates and improvements to Firmhouse.
Michiel Sikkes

New Storefront SDK with support for Shopify, and more

We've released the first version of our brand new Storefront JavaScript SDK in addition to our powerful GraphQL API.

Our Storefront SDK allows merchants and developers to easily add rental, subscription, and membership e-commerce featurestheir existing website, webshop, or Shopify store. To read more about our new SDK you can take a look at the guides and documentation on

With the Firmhouse Storefront SDK, you can turn any website into a subscription e-commerce business with only 3 lines of code.

The Storefront SDK offers an out out-of-the-box on-page Cart user interface, including little dialogs that pop up when your customers add something to their carts. From the on-page cart your customers can check out their order via our Firmhouse Checkout flow, specifically designed and built to support lease, rental, and subscription models.

But there's more!

Migrate and import data via our GraphQL API

We've added a importSubscription mutation to our GraphQL API. This mutation allows you to import subscriptions into Firmhouse, without triggering or needing any signup flows or confirmations from your customers.

Perfect when you're moving your existing subscriber base to Firmhouse.

Manually confirm pending orders

You can now manually confirm pending orders via the press of a button on the orders overview, or via the customer detail page. By manually confirming a pending order, the order will be marked as confirmed so that any logistics and shipment processes are triggered.

Perfect for if you want people to sign up and pay for their subscription and you are shipping their products days or weeks later.

Separate billing and shipping addresses via API

We've added a beta feature that allows you to specify a separate billing address from the primary shipping address for your customers. Get in touch to enable this feature for your project.

Smaller fixes and improvements

  • Added various fields to GraphQL API for fetching contract term commitments.
  • User interface improvements for managing products in the Firmhouse Self Service Center for customers.
  • Allow project managers to edit Self Service Center custom JS and CSS code.
  • Allow manually confirming a pending Order so that it gets pushed to Shopify.
  • Don't allow updating quantity of products subscribed to as part of a plan.
  • Added a Helpcenter article for configuring a FAQ and Support page in your Self Service Center.
  • Improve error messages when you try to add a product to a Subscription without quantity.

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