Custom styling for Storefront SDK and more

Michiel Sikkes
December 10, 2021
Custom styling for Storefront SDK

You can now make our standard Storefront SDK UI your own!

We've added the option to override our standard Storefront SDK user interface with your own custom styles. Easily update colors, spacing, padding, fonts, sizes, etc., with a new .firmhouse-storefront-custom CSS selector.

Preview update: Shopify import/sync

Since our previous Changelog post, we've been testing and gathering a lot of feedback on our new Shopify synchronization feature. As a result, we've given the Shopify sync a proper place in our soon-to-be-released Shopify integration app.

If you already have the preview enabled, you can access it via the new Shopify app via Apps > Shopify > Configure > Product sync.

And we're happy to release a bunch of nice improvements today:

  • Take the firmhouse.subscription_price metafield value from the Shopify Product if it does not exist on the Shopify Product Variant.
  • Renamed firmhouse.price metafield to firmhouse.subscription_price.
  • Added the first version of the documentation article on tagging your products.
  • Added option to only create products in Firmhouse if you've tagged them in Shopify. This is now the default.
Edit and customize discounts on invoices

You can now customize how discounts will show up on customer invoices. So instead of just having our standard "Discount 10%" line, you can give discounts your own description, like "First welcome discount for 10%". This is an optional field, so we will revert to "Discount 10%" or local language equivalent if you don't set it.

We also let you edit the internal name and invoice description for currently active discounts. Previously you had to first deactivate a discount before you could edit it.

Smaller fixes and improvements
  • Fixed pushing city names with special characters to Focum.
  • Add {{invoice.billing_period_starts_at}} and {{invoice.billing_period_ends_at to available Liquid tags for emails and webhooks.
  • Always set the first created plan in a project to the default plan for Checkout and new subscriptions.
  • A minor visual tweak in Payments overview for payments with retries.
  • Add the ability to re-retry any failed payment from the Payments overview.
  • Fix an issue that sometimes a modal dialog flickers on the screen due to a UI caching bug.
  • API: Added Assets and AssetsConnection
  • Prevent setting an item in the Firmhouse Cart to 0.
  • New in Checkout Preview: Reword contract terms to subscription duration.
  • API: Return an error when attempting to cancel an inactive subscription.
  • Expose all minimum, maximum, and grace period contract term fields in Liquid tags for emails and webhook templates.
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Michiel Sikkes
December 10, 2021