Preview: Shopify imports based on tags and metafields

Michiel Sikkes
November 26, 2021

We're happy to share that we've been working on a much better way to sync your Shopify product catalog to Firmhouse. We now offer a self-service Shopify import option that you can trigger any time you want. The import will look at certain tags and metafields on your Shopify products and variants to decide how it creates a product in Firmhouse.

Previously you had to request an import from our team manually. Then, based on your business model, we would correct prices, contract terms, and shipment schedules for you. Of course, we were happy to do so any time! But it will save all of us a lot of time and waiting now that you can run your own Shopify synchronization.

There are several cases we now support with some settings and tags:

  • Mark a product as one-time sales and subscription.
  • Define available shipment schedules.
  • Automatically apply a % discount on regular sales price for subscription products.
  • Create a physical asset for each product. Very useful if you have a "library" business model where there's only one piece of inventory per listed product.
  • Automatically create new products or update prices on each import.

We're still working on validating if we cover all cases. And we're still writing documentation. So if you'd like to get on board on the new Shopify import feature: let us know!

Improved Self Service Center login flow

We've received feedback that some subscribers have difficulty logging in to the Self Service Center. For example, subscribers were unaware that they'd receive an email with a valid link for only 30 minutes. Or, some customers would bookmark the expired link expecting to log in days or weeks later. Other customers were not aware that they signed up with a different email address.

Hopefully, with several user interface and copy tweaks, it becomes clearer how people can log in to the Self Service Center to manage their subscription.

Smaller fixes and improvements

General improvements:

  • Added Name column and Payment status to Invoices export.
  • Fixed active subscription count on project Dashboard.
  • Render simple HTML tags in multi-line Extra Fields.
  • Improved New Checkout (In preview) copy.
  • Added ability to put conditions/validations on First Name and Last Name fields.
  • Improved timely processing status of Refunds from Mollie.
  • Stripe: Fixed a problem that customers would end up on the wrong page after updating their payment method.
  • Don't show recurring shipment schedule settings when editing a one-time sales product.

For developers:

  • GraphQL API: Expose ID on Product type.
  • GraphQL API: Expose related Promotion type on DiscountCode type.
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Michiel Sikkes
November 26, 2021