New updates and improvements to Firmhouse.
Michiel Sikkes

Klaviyo, meet Firmhouse

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Klaviyo, meet Firmhouse

We're excited to announce that you can now use Klaviyo with Firmhouse! 🎉

Klaviyo is a service that helps you communicate with your customer. Send simple transactional emails or set up advanced communication workflows that help you stay in touch with your customer during their entire lifecycle.

When you enable the Klaviyo app in your Firmhouse project, all customer communication will run through your Klaviyo account. That means that instead of sending emails from Firmhouse, we will send events to your Klaviyo account. That way, you can have Klaviyo handle all relevant customer communication that's part of the customer lifecycle in Firmhouse.

And the cool thing is that just like configuring email templates in Firmhouse, you can also configure the event name and payload that we send to Klaviyo. This way, you can use any piece of dynamic information available in Firmhouse and send it along with your Klaviyo event.

Enabling and configuring the app might need some instructions. So don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

Use your own TaxJar account

You can now add the TaxJar app integration to your Firmhouse project and hook up your own TaxJar account for dynamic tax determination.

We already had TaxJar power our Dynamic Tax Rate feature under the hood. Our Dynamic Tax Rate feature allows you to determine VAT and sales tax based on origin and destination addresses. Determining tax on the origin and destination addresses is necessary for US sales tax determination or EU e-commerce tax determination.

Some of our merchants had advanced Nexus setups in their TaxJar accounts. Unfortunately, our previous TaxJar integration didn't allow using those. So now that you can use our own TaxJar account, we enable any merchants to have proper VAT determination according to their configuration.

Preview: Better price breakdown on Checkout

We've been re-thinking and redesigning the price breakdown on Firmhouse Checkout. Previously there was sometimes confusion about what amount customers would pay at Checkout and what amount would make up their subscription payments. With our redesigned Firmhouse Checkout price breakdown, we hope to tackle these problems.

We are still testing and collecting feedback on our new Checkout. We are getting very positive feedback from merchants already onboarded. If you would also like to start using our new Checkout already: please get in touch!

Better support for Shopify shipping methods

We now handle Shopify shipping methods much better. The most significant improvement is passing the correct shipping method back to Shopify when creating an order. The correct shipping method on the Shopify order ensures that any logistics, fulfillment, or label writing apps will work.

Smaller fixes and improvements

General improvements:

  • Solved a problem in passing house numbers with extensions (e.g., 45D) to Focum.
  • Corrected a wrongly nested <tbody> element in failed payment email notification template.
  • Improvements to Polish language translations in Self Service Center.
  • Added discount (code) used to Customers CSV export.
  • Added Cancellation initiated and Cancelled at columns in Customers overview.
  • Don't include standard Firmhouse reply-to email header anymore.
  • Various UI and UX improvements to previewing and installing apps and integrations from the Apps section.

For developers:

  • GraphQL API: Fixed returning a proper GraphQL error response when attempting to modify a non-existent record.
  • GraphQL API: Added serviceChannel field to Subscription object type.
  • GraphQL API: Added createdAt and updatedAt fields to Discount Code object type.
  • Storefront SDK: Added configuring a custom cart URL to return to from Checkout.
  • Storefront SDK: Added resetCart() function which allows you to reset the cart.
  • Webhooks: Added a Subscription Address Changed webhook that fires whenever account details are updated.
  • Webhooks: Added a Payment Failed webhook that fires on failed or charged back payments.
  • Webhooks: Added Subscriptions signed up and Subscription activated events.
  • Add information about contract term in dataLayer variable on Checkout confirmation page.

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