New updates and improvements to Firmhouse.
Michiel Sikkes

Change product quantities, additional information in Adyen, and more

It's been a busy two weeks! We're working on numerous improvements across our platform. Some are a bit bigger and are still in progress. But, some are already good to share. So here we go:

Change quantity of active products

You can now edit the quantity of active products on a subscription. Changing a product's quantity was already possible by your customer in their self-service center, but it was not possible in our portal yet.

Additional information in Adyen

We now push more information to Adyen. The additional information in Adyen makes cash matching processes and finding transactions for particular customers much more effortless.

Information about your customer will now show up on Adyen transactions. In addition, we now also fill every transaction's merchantReference with the customer's subscription token or invoice number.

Smaller fixes and improvements
  • Portal: You can now view and update a customer's currently active locale (language).
  • Portal: Stability fix in opening and closing dialogs and modal windows.
  • Adyen: Fixed an issue where signup payments were not coming through correctly in case of 3Dsecure.
  • Storefront SDK: A firmhouse:ready event will now trigger when the Storefront SDK finishes loading on your page.
  • Checkout: Fixed a translation issue with opening/closing order summary on mobile.
  • Checkout: Fixed an issue with pulling in shipping rates from Shopify.
  • Self Service Center: Minimum commitment dates for plans and products are now visible.
  • App Store: Don't show status/health information if app not set up yet.

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