New updates and improvements to Firmhouse.
Michiel Sikkes

Storefront SDK implementation improvements, including support for purchasing via Shopify Checkout

We've introduced some major improvements to our Storefront JavaScript SDK and Shopify integration.

One of the major updates is that we're now smart in choosing the most appropriate Checkout flow depending on the type of products your buyer has added to their cart.

When your buyer only as one-time purchase products in their cart, we direct the buyer to Shopify Checkout. When there's a hybrid or subscription-only cart the buyer will subscribe via Firmhouse Checkout.

In addition there are a few more updates that make the lives easier to implement and create a custom experience with our Storefront SDK:

  • Added a loading spinner when a buyer presses the Checkout button.
  • Added Firmhouse.currentCart for easy access to the current cart and products programatically.
  • Added Firmhouse.checkout() which can be used to initiate our smart checkout flow programatically or via an onclick handler on a button.
  • Fixed that buyers cannot remove a "Always include on signup" product from their cart.
  • Added a firmhouse:cart_updated JavaScript event that will fire on any cart addition or update.
  • The functions to modify the cart like Firmhouse.addToCart() will now return the full updated cart as return value.
  • Added Firmhouse.performQuery() as an easy shorthand to call our Storefront GraphQL API directly on the current cart.
  • Added a configuration option to disable all out-of-the-box Firmhouse Storefront UI so that you can build your own.
  • Small UI and animation improvements to the "Added to cart" alerts and Cart slide-out.
Smaller fixes and improvements
  • Taxes: Improved the way how we handle and show US taxes on Checkout via our TaxJar integration.
  • Adyen: We now push additional information about your buyer as Shopper details (name, email, phone number).
  • Checkout: (Company) Name fields are now listed under Shipping address.
What else have we worked on?

Klaviyo: We're almost ready to bring our Klaviyo integration out of private testing phase. Hopefully by next week you'll be able to add the Klaviyo app to your project so that you can send all transactional subscriber-facing emails from Klaviyo.

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