New updates and improvements to Firmhouse.
Michiel Sikkes

Picqer integration, a brand new Apps overview, and more

Managing your warehouse efficiently is a critical part of building a successful subscription business. As merchants scale, they rely on tools such as Picqer to manage stock and handle anything in the warehouse to run the fulfilment process.

This is why we're excited to announce Picqer as the first official integration in our new app store.

With the Picqer integration, orders in Firmhouse will be automatically pushed to Picqer and are ready to be picked up there. We create a link for every order between Firmhouse and Picker. That makes it easy for you to find and view all your orders in one place.

This also marks the beginning of our new app store! 🎉

It's a place to easily connect other services to your Firmhouse project. You can expect more services to become available within the next few weeks.

To enable the Picker integration, navigate to the new "Apps" section in the main menu of your Firmhouse project.

But there's more!

Added Danish Crowns and Japanese Yen

You can now select Danish Crowns or Japanese Yen as currency for your business on Firmhouse.

Enable and disable webhooks

You can now enable or disable a webhook, without having to remove and re-create it. Very useful when you're preparing webhooks but don't want them to always fire.

Custom SMTP for Pro customers

It is now possible to set up a custom SMTP for sending transactional emails via your own email service or servers. Get in touch to activate this feature on your Firmhouse projects.

Smaller fixes and improvements

  • Visually re-arrange Contact information and Shipping address on Checkout.
  • Small design improvements on Checkout.
  • On checkout fixed that "Order summary" heading was only shown when Firmhouse Cart was enabled on your project.
  • Fix Storefront SDK UI elements being overlapped by other elements on your site.
  • Allow Polish characters in payment and transaction statement descriptions.
  • Fixed Payment Provider configuration when no payment provider set up but you already had subscriptions imported via API.
  • Expose additional Liquid template tags in emails and webhooks.

What else have we worked on?

  • Our upcoming integration with Klaviyo. Connect your Klaviyo to Firmhouse and use Klaviyo to handle all transactional customer communication.
  • Upcoming support for flexible and custom billing cycles (daily, weekly, monthly and everything in-between).
  • A new product shipment scheduling system that can generate orders from the top of a queued list for each billing cycle. Queue, skip and shift shipments.

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