How we help startup incubators

Firmhouse has been helping many well-known Dutch as well as international startup incubators and accelerators in the past decade as well as innovation programs within large companies or corporate venturing programs.

The outcome of our involvement

Firmhouse contributes to the brand of the incubation program by creating a meaningful and high quality educational experience for its participants which contribute to a high net promoter score.

What you'll get.

  • Description of typical phase, timelines, possible activities and events during a program.
  • Workshop materials, including slide decks and facilitator guides per workshop.
  • Program advisory, coaching and workshop delivery
  • Peer learning formats which allow the participating entrepreneurs to learn from each other.
  • Spreadsheet to calculate the economics of the program.
  • Recommendation on how to gather feedback and how to use them to improve the program.
  • Tips on how to do outreach, source and select startups.
  • Free copy of our ebook, From Signal To Evidence for all participating entrepreneurs.