Consumer Electronics

Offer your product as a service.

Instead of selling your product on a transactional model, sell it as a service. Think past your product, what service can you add to help your customers achieve a better outcome?
  • Subscribe your customers to a monthly plan
  • Add products & services to your plan
  • Run flexible billing cycles
  • Provide upgrade and downgrade paths
  • Collect & act on customer feedback
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Consumer Goods

Delight your customer every month

Lead by the massive popularity of monthly box-subscriptions, customers are looking for convince in their lives. Send your customers a recurring shipment of your products, exactly when they need it.
  • Create a direct customer relationship
  • Automatically ship your product in time
  • Offer a selection of your products in one plan
  • Allow customers to pause their subscription
Mobility industries

Full service personal transport

Car and ride sharing platforms have steadily grown. But not all customers seek a day-to-day flexibility. Enter full service car, bike and scooter subscriptions. Freedom to ride as you like, without the burden of ownership.
  • Provide your product on full service
  • Allows customers to flexibly switch
  • Optionally charge an onboarding fee
  • Create a direct customer relationship
  • Build-in asset tracking for fleet management
Medical & Personal Health

Deliver health as a service

As a manufacturer or distributer in the medical field you strongly depend on insurance providers. In case your products are not covered, people are likely to go with the competition.
  • Offer your product on a rental plan
  • Provide a full-service proposition
  • Build-in asset tracking for fleet management
  • Unlock new markets & segments faster

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