Yann Schaub


Yann helps us create well thought-out interfaces that put the user in control. Yann is all about personal growth: He likes to put himself in situations where he’s forced to learn and believes that the best parts of life happen outside one’s comfort zone.

Blog Posts

Working remotely from Bali: The promised land or working in isolation?

This series follows Joshua and Yann — a Developer and a Designer at Firmhouse — on their one month journey working remotely...

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Enjoying the mundane things — Halftime at the remote month

It’s been two weeks since we started working remotely from Bali. Time to draw a first conclusion. The two most anticipated...

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Four weeks — Four learnings. Conclusions after working remotely from Bali

For the last four weeks I’ve been working remotely from Bali. In this post I’ll highlight my key takeaways from my time here in Canggu.

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